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Get to know Michael Mendonca

What's the 'story of you'?

My name is Michael Mendonca. I’m originally from Ottawa, Canada, but grew up in South Florida. After graduating from high school I moved to Central Florida where I completed my Bachelor and Master degrees in Accounting at the University of Central Florida. After graduating I began my career as an Auditor at a global public accounting firm. After 6+ years of working as an Auditor, I decided to pursue a new role as the FP&A Manager at Buildout. 

Around the time I started my role with Buildout, I relocated from Central Florida to Seattle, WA. I wanted to experience living somewhere new so I packed my car up with everything I owned and drove across the country. When I’m not working I enjoy traveling, experiencing new cuisines, photography, skiing, and hiking. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit various places in Asia, Europe, and North America. I’m very passionate about photography and find it balances my technical accounting career with a creative outlet. During the winter you can find me on the ski slopes and during the summer you can find me hiking or exploring the PNW.

What does your role as FP&A Manager entail?

For those that don’t know, FP&A stands for Financial Planning and Analysis. This role is generally responsible for budgeting, forecasting, internal financial reporting, and other modeling projects needed for decision makers to assess options and ultimately drive business decisions. 

With my experience as an Auditor, I also bring technical accounting knowledge to the organization. In addition to budgeting/forecasting/modeling work, I assist with implementing new accounting standards, coordinating external audit efforts, business combinations, documentation and other technical accounting matters.

What projects are you most proud of?

In general, I’m most proud of my work when I can see it making a difference in the organization. Being able to provide clarity into financial results and communicating it in simple terms that add value to decision makers. A few specific projects recently completed would be revamping our management reporting package, issuing the 2022 audit, and rebuilding our forecast.

How do you feel Buildout has invested in you and your professional development?

I have to give a shoutout to Matt Collis, our CFO. Matt has consistently proven his investment in my development since we’ve met. I’ve been given the opportunity to work on projects that interest me and I’ve been given the freedom to make improvements/changes to existing processes. I’ve experienced an excellent balance of being able to work on projects that I have the skill set to do, but at the same time I’m challenged to work on new and complex tasks. I receive real time feedback and always feel comfortable with the people I work with.

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How would you describe our culture


What's something quirky about our company

Our mascot is an Otter and that people of buildout are referred to as Otters

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up


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