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The Buildout Connect software powers the opportunities you want: property data, exclusive listings, valuations, and more. This is the game changing prospecting software helping brokers and investors to win more listings with less effort.

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by top broker and investors

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Meet your new secret weapon: AL

Wondering how to strike a good balance using AI and live human talent? With Connect, we have seamlessly integrated our AI assistant, called AL, to help you every step of the way. Imagine getting to ask, “show me all the office properties in Denver between 10 and 20 units,” and AL providing you a summary of data points. AL is the best friend... we mean, assistant, you never knew you needed. Having this built-in companion will help lighten the load in prospecting and creating your call lists.*

It's the


prospecting tool you always needed

Buildout Connect gives you a simple, easy-to-navigate prospecting tool that makes it easy to manage your leads with organized progression tracking. Create and manage effective prospecting workflows to optimize your commercial real estate leads. No need to manage through user-error spreadsheets and develop a strong strategy with a call console.
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Simply win.


Winning listings can feel like washing your eyes with soap. With 100% commission-based income, generating opportunities is the key to success. Too bad it’s also ridiculously time-consuming and filled with rejection. We stack the odds in your favor by finding property owners and auto-generating proposals.
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*Some features require the paid upgrade

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Buildout’s core belief is that successful commercial real estate is broker led, but tech-enabled. We exist to serve CRE and empower the best brokers and investors, wherever they do their business - in their office or on their phones. Check out the latest game changer with Buildout's app. Download a free version today and explore upgrades to unlock more data and prospecting, Learn more.
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Research and claim properties on a robust map, access select Buildout Academy courses, and build your watchlist.

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Research map & filters
Property data
Valuation & tuning
Exclusive / off-market listings
Claim properties
Full access to Buildout Academy courses
Likely to sell scores
Unlimited owner unmasks
AI assistant functions
continue prospecting from your desktop
Contact managment
Task management
Call lists
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Demand & heatmap filters
Market trends
Generated call lists

Top brokers and investors are built with Buildout

Buildout Connect is built with both brokers and investors in mind. Buildout has become the not-so-secret solution for more than 40,0000 CRE brokers and 50,000 investors to find, win, market, and transact their next properties. Speak with a Buildout CRE expert.