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Unlock growth with insights into the practices, opportunities, and trends shaping the success of today's leading CRE brokers and brokerages. Discover data-driven strategies to maximize owner connections, boost listing demand, and master tech-powered operations.
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Leading-edge trends shaping CRE broker practices

What challenges have brokers faced during a shifting CRE market? How do top-performers stay ahead? How does data plus automation impact tech stacks, owner connections, property demand, and transactional efficiency?

The world is constantly changing—so brokers must remain agile. In response, leading brokers rely on Buildout as a trusted partner to navigate disruption and drive growth. To help maximize CRE tech value, we're thrilled to announce the first annual edition of our 'Building of CRE' report. Find insights into the trends, challenges, priorities and opportunities faced by the leading brokers to stay on top.


greater utilization of direct mail by brokers winning 5-6 listings per month


more leads captured by listings with 5+ marketing documents and email sends


is the average sales commission in GA – highest in the US
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Market leaders allocate 13% more time to prospecting for new clients

During times of market disruption it’s instructive to understand what the top performers do to stay out in front of the pack. In the report we dig into the behaviors of leaders to understand their…
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Prospecting habits that win more listings and drive higher deal values.
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Marketing strategies that generate more leads and bid up deal values.
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Transaction management processes that free up time and boost client confidence and loyalty.
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By mid-year 2024 interest rates will slowly start to decline, lift CRE investment – most economists agree

Looking ahead we see a new trend emerging that will radically alter the investment sales marketing landscape that not only increases efficiency and transactional velocity but that also drives higher offers at a time when property values will still be under pressure.
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A graphic showing interest rate decline in 2024