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Discover the dynamics of the modern broker

We believe the future is now and the modern broker will win the market. Download our latest white paper and learn how today's modern broker is able to stay human-led while using emerging technology to multiply their efforts. Be the broker that stays ahead of the competition.
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Broker-led but tech-enabled, unlock winning strategies for the new market

What role do we see the broker playing in the upcoming market? How are brokers using technology to enhance their processes? How will your personal brand help elevate the human-side of your business?

The good news, all our research is finally paying off – savvy brokers are embracing technology today to dominate the market, they are becoming experts of relationships, market knowledge, and efficiency. Download our exclusive paper and discover the secrets of becoming a modern broker.


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The brokers who are really standing out in this climate aren’t just waiting around. They’re actively navigating their clients through these tough times.

- Kris Krisco, Co-CEO of Buildout
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30% of brokers say they plan to purchase ai/chatbots in the next couple of years

More and more brokers are saying that technology especially ai/chatbots will be a factor in staying efficient in today's market. We dive into this topic and much more in our modern broker paper, including…
How different brokerages perceive and use technology
The habbits of a successful broker in 2024 and beyond
How to manage your data to become a market maestro
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Unlock the secrets of the modern broker

Get access to the 'Dynamics of the Modern Broker' white paper, and start elevating your game to stay ahead of the competition today!

You won't want to break these habits, trust us

We've broken down the recent DNA of CRE survey results to discuss how brokers of today are conducting, and winning at business. Use the insights provided in our 'Modern Broker' white paper to start incorporating outlined habits into your 2024 success.
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