Commercial real estate market intelligence

Access data on more than 8.5 million commercial properties out of the box.

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Like your own personal research team

By pulling together more than 300,000 unique data sets, Rethink Intelligence gives brokerages unprecedented insight into available properties and market conditions.

Data-driven insights

Found a property you want to learn more about? Now, you can—without spending hours digging for information. Just search for the property in Rethink Intelligence, and you’ll have all the insights you need, right at your fingertips. Rethink Intelligence will even highlight similar properties for you to explore.

More confident negotiations

With a greater understanding of a property’s specifications and the transaction prices of similar properties, brokers can approach negotiations with confidence.

Deliver insightful property tours

Pull up the property record on your mobile device to quickly and easily access answers to your client’s most pressing questions.

Find the perfect property or space for your client

Have a client with specific requirements that don’t match any properties or spaces in your records? Use Rethink Intelligence to gather information on properties outside your portfolio to find them the perfect option.

Rethink Intelligence’s features

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Property details

View key property data, such as property type, property use, year built, number of floors, unit count, building square feet, lot square feet, and more.

Create contact and company records

Want to add contact or company details uncovered in Rethink Intelligence to your Rethink CRM database? All it takes is a few clicks.

Similar properties

When you search for a property in Rethink Intelligence, your results will include three similar properties. You can even identify which property characteristics are most important so you only see results that are relevant to you.

Debt information

Identify and save debt information associated with the property you’re interested in.

Enhance your market intelligence.

Take your commercial real estate brokerage to the next level

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