CRE CRM designed to help you close more deals

Rethink CRM simplifies prospecting, pipeline management, and reporting and analytics so you can focus on what matters most—closing more deals.  

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CRE deal management made easy

Simplify the complexities of CRE deal management with a CRM platform purpose-built for brokers.

Keep everyone on the same page

A centralized database—along with automated workflows and reminders—ensures you can quickly and easily keep clients, brokers, and staff on the same page.

Quickly uncover eye-opening insights

Track and analyze the metrics that matter most to your brokerage so you can make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue.

Systematically drive deals forward

Easily track your firm’s pipeline as a whole or by individual reps so you can identify how deals are progressing and where to focus your efforts for the greatest impact.

Grow your business

Simplify prospecting with call lists that lead you through key contacts one by one, while providing details on requirements, past conversations, and more.

Rethink CRM's features

Premium Marketing's features

Geo Search

Find properties and spaces that meet requirements you define within a location you select using this map-based searching tool.

Stacking plans

Generate real-time, color-coded stacking plans that help you see which spaces and units are occupied, vacant, and coming on the market soon.

Property websites

Create websites to promote the properties and spaces in your portfolio, and capture key lead information that populates directly in Rethink’s database.

Activity reports

Generate client-facing reports on activities like calls, tours, and inquiries to easily demonstrate the value you bring to your clients.

Comp data

Automatically expand your comp database with every deal closed to gain even greater insight into market trends.

Automated workflows

Inform Finance when you close a deal, update Marketing when you win a listing, and much more—with no manual work.

Flexible permission structure

Choose which users have access to which data so you can share the information needed to improve decision-making—without making brokers’ carefully guarded data public.

Activity plans

Track and manage important projects across your entire brokerage to identify who’s responsible for each task and how they’re progressing.

Simplify your deal management process and close more deals.

Take your commercial real estate brokerage to the next level

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