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Truss + Buildout: find the perfect tenant for your perfect space

Guest post by Truss.

Buildout makes it easy to create impactful marketing materials for your listings and now, with the partnership between Truss and Buildout, you can easily expand the reach of these campaigns. You can market your listings to thousands of pre-qualified tenants on Truss, an award-winning marketplace for commercial real estate leasing. The integration will allow you to seamlessly post your office, coworking, industrial and retail listings on Truss, enabling small-to-medium sized business owners to find, tour and lease your availabilities.

With a simple click of a button, Buildout users can opt into the syndication with Truss. This streamlines efforts to broadly market your listings by automatically updating your portfolio availabilities, saving you time updating and auditing multiple marketing channels. Listing on Truss increases listing exposure, improves lead generation, and avoids duplicative data entry. Truss has more than 8,500 tenants on the platform in nine markets and, with our guaranteed price transparency, you will only receive pre-qualified tenants that have the budget for your space.

“We want to focus on the customer experience, providing value with real time, up-to-date listings for customers,” said Tom Smith, co-founder of Truss. “By partnering with Buildout, we are connecting property owners with thousands of qualified tenants searching for their perfect next space.”

Here’s how the integration works

  1. Create listings, marketing materials, and publish properties to your website with Buildout
  2. Go to your broker profile settings, find the syndication tab, and connect to your Truss account
  3. Once you are connected, all on-market listings that are marked for syndication will immediately push to the Truss marketplace for immediate tenant viewing

Buildout and Truss are working together to streamline the leasing process, enabling tenants to find the perfect space and move from search to signature in record time.

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