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Using CRE underwriting templates & spreadsheets? There’s a better way.

Brokers use spreadsheets and CRE underwriting templates on a daily basis, but making the most of these tools can be challenging. Templates lack flexibility, spreadsheets are prone to data issues, and both require time-consuming, manual data input. Fortunately, Buildout Grids combines the capabilities and familiar user experience of popular spreadsheet tools with a seamless integration to the Buildout platform, making underwriting easier than ever.

Here’s how.

1. Create professional, informative marketing collateral

Brokers often create PDFs from charts made in a spreadsheet and then copy and paste them into a brochure. But when you build charts in Buildout Grids, you can automatically publish them in your marketing documents—no manual work necessary. And that saves tons of time. In fact, Buildout Grids helped NAI NorCal brokers reduce the time they spend getting spreadsheet data into marketing collateral by 70%.

2. Drive strategy and execution

Housing data in multiple files and spreadsheets makes it difficult to connect the dots and see the complete picture. Fortunately, Buildout’s marketing platform stores all of your property and listing data in a single location. Adding Buildout Grids empowers you to populate your spreadsheets with the data stored in Buildout automatically, so you can easily aggregate and analyze it to drive more strategic business decisions. 

Unreachable spreadsheet information and data no longer sit on multiple files and computers. Instead, they’re easily accessible to you and your team.

3. Eliminate repetitive work and human error

88% of all spreadsheets are estimated to have errors, and about 50% have material defects that cost companies billions of dollars in losses. But with Buildout Grids, you can avoid these issues. 

Instead of copying and pasting data from various sources, you can pull property data stored in Buildout directly into your rent rolls, underwriting models, comp charts, and much more. When you update property data, the changes are automatically updated in real-time across the platform, so you never have to wonder if the data in your spreadsheet is accurate and up to date. 

4. Increase deal velocity

Buildout Grids reduces the time spent building financial models and updating marketing collateral so you can quickly get in front of clients and keep deals moving forward—just ask Chris Koski, Digital Marketing Coordinator at NAI NorCal.

“It gives us a competitive advantage,” he said. “We want to produce as many deals as possible as quickly as we can, and Buildout Grids helps us do that.”

5. Connect spreadsheet data to your Buildout platform

Most financial modeling tools fall short of what CRE brokerages need them to do. When brokerages abandon those tools, they always revert to a spreadsheet solution—either Excel or Google Sheets. Spreadsheets are powerful tools, but they come with challenges like low visibility on who’s working on what, human error, and lack of accuracy. 

However, with Buildout Grids, you can combine the familiar user experience of popular spreadsheet tools with a seamless integration to the Buildout platform. That way, you can hit the ground running without having to use precious time to familiarize yourself with a new format.

“Buildout Grids has been a great success with our brokers,” said Phil Richmond, Marketing Associate at NAI NorCal. “It works just like a spreadsheet, so they find it extremely easy.”

Ready for a smarter spreadsheet?

Buildout Grids makes commercial real estate underwriting easier than ever. It empowers you to quickly add underwriting charts to marketing collateral, increase strategic decision-making, eliminate repetitive work and human error, increase deal velocity, and ensure up-to-date and accurate data.

Request a demo to see first-hand how Buildout Grids can simplify commercial real estate underwriting at your brokerage. 

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