How Buildout Grids helps NAI NorCal get spreadsheet data into marketing collateral 70% faster

NAI NorCal understands the value of their brokers’ time. When brokers aren’t bogged down with administrative work, they can focus on revenue-generating activities.

So, when the brokerage learned there was a way to streamline the process of adding spreadsheet data to marketing collateral, they were immediately interested.

“Our brokers were spending a lot of time in Excel, and then having to import that data into documents,” said Chris Koski, Digital Marketing Coordinator at NAI NorCal. “We wanted to free up that time so they could focus on other projects and become higher-producing agents.”

They found what they were looking for in Buildout Grids—a solution that combines the capabilities and familiar user experience of popular spreadsheet tools with a seamless integration to the Buildout platform.

And they’re already seeing results.

“Buildout Grids has shortened the amount of time brokers are spending getting spreadsheet data into marketing collateral by 70%,” Chris said. “It’s definitely a significant time-saver.”

NAI NorCal’s brokers are now using the time they’re saving to close more deals—faster.

“It gives us a competitive advantage,” Chris explained. “We want to produce as many deals as possible as quickly as we can, and Buildout Grids helps us do that.”

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A broker-friendly solution

For a solution like Buildout Grids to be successful, broker adoption is key.

“We needed it to be as easy and effective for our brokers as possible,” Chris said. “We didn’t want them resorting back to their old spreadsheets and programs.”

Fortunately, Buildout Grids was designed to mimic the look and feel of popular spreadsheet tools—with the added benefit of an integration to the Buildout platform.

The integration empowers users to populate spreadsheets with data stored in Buildout. This allows them to more quickly create and share rent rolls, underwriting models, comp charts, and more. It also enables users to automatically push spreadsheet data directly into custom-branded marketing collateral, such as brochures, OMs, and proposals.

 “Our brokers got used to it very quickly. They felt comfortable going into Grids and doing the analysis and spreadsheet work they needed to do,” Chris said. “And we noticed a big difference right off the bat in terms of productivity.”

Phil Richmond, Marketing Associate at NAI NorCal, agreed.

“Buildout Grids has been a great success with our brokers,” he said. “It works just like a spreadsheet, so they find it extremely easy.”

Enhanced collaboration

Because it’s a cloud-based solution, Buildout Grids empowers brokers to collaborate with other members of NAI NorCal more easily than with traditional spreadsheet tools.  

“Multiple people can work on a spreadsheet in Grids,” Chris explained. “If a broker needs assistance—whether that’s from marketing or another agent—someone can go in there and make the edits accordingly.”

“That was a big thing our agents were worried about,” Phil added. “They like to collaborate.”

And because Buildout Grids stores all spreadsheet data in one centralized location, there’s never any confusion about where to find the latest version.

“They don’t have to go back into their files and try to figure out which spreadsheet is up to date,” Chris said. “It’s all in one place.”

A productive, long-term partnership

Buildout Grids’ success was no surprise to NAI NorCal. The brokerage has used Buildout’s software to increase productivity and enhance their brand since August of 2015.

“We’ve been using Buildout for proposals, OMs, and other documents our agents need,” Chris said. “We’ve always had a great experience with Buildout.”

And in addition to offering industry-leading tools and technology, Buildout provides NAI NorCal with the support needed to ensure success.

“The team has been super helpful,” Chris explained. “We appreciate all the help they’ve provided us.”


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