Connect spreadsheet data to your Buildout platform

Eliminate the need to copy and paste data between spreadsheets and Buildout, saving time and reducing errors.

Create professional, informative marketing collateral

Automatically populate polished, custom-branded marketing collateral with key spreadsheet data. 

Drive strategy and execution

Improve decision-making by connecting the data your brokerage keeps scattered across multiple spreadsheets in one central location, integrated directly to your Buildout platform. 

Eliminate repetitive work and human error

Instead of copying and pasting data from various sources, you can pull property data stored in Buildout directly into your rent rolls, underwriting models, comp charts, and much more.

Increase deal velocity

Reduce time spent building financial models and updating marketing collateral so you can more quickly get in front of clients and keep deals moving forward.

Spreadsheet capabilities and user experience

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Custom financials

Leverage the flexibility of spreadsheets to quickly add rent rolls, historical financials, and pro formas to your marketing documents—all fully branded for a seamless presentation.

Comps integration

Populate your spreadsheets with sale and lease comp data pulled directly from Buildout and auto-generate beautiful charts.

Proven underwriting templates

Take advantage of proven underwriting models developed in partnership with leading commercial real estate brokerages.

Discover how Buildout Grids empowers more strategic decision-making and increases deal velocity.

Take your commercial real estate brokerage to the next level

Explore our Premium Marketing tool or our Lite CRM, Rethink CRM, and Back Office add-ons to connect your entire brokerage.