How Rethink CRM helped Pierson Commercial improve their client experience

Jason Pierson, President of Pierson Commercial, doesn’t leave client satisfaction to chance.

“We’re responsible for our clients’ success,” he said. “So, I have to make sure they’re satisfied and serviced properly.”

That’s why he places a heavy emphasis on pipeline management.

“When brokers get busy, it’s natural for tasks to slip through the cracks,” Jason said. “Managing our pipeline helps us prevent that by keeping everyone engaged and on top of our transactions.”

Like many commercial real estate leaders, he originally managed their deal pipeline using spreadsheets and paper records.

“It was just inefficient,” Jason said. “I had to keep three separate books—one for the pipeline, one for when collections were due, and another for when we would actually receive the collections.”

Jason knew technology could help him streamline this process, but he didn’t want to settle on just any solution.

After a thorough evaluation of available options, he landed on Rethink CRM—Buildout’s CRM platform purpose-built for commercial real estate.

“I’d been looking for three or four years before I met the Rethink group at ICSC in New York,” he explained. “I saw a demo, and shortly after, we decided to buy it due to the robust platform.”

Jason was impressed by Rethink CRM’s ability to provide all the features and functionality they need—without the hassle of managing multiple systems.

“The other platforms we looked at just weren’t there yet in terms of technology. They didn’t offer the all-in-one integrated system you get with Rethink,” Jason said. “We have so many transactions we have to manage—deals that are in various stages. We needed a system that could manage all of that, including accounts receivables. Rethink provides this system, which was critical for us.”

Now, with Rethink CRM at their side, Jason and the rest of the team can easily access the information they need to close more deals and successfully run their business.

And automated workflows have made it easier than ever to put that information to good use.

“We used to keep a spreadsheet with all of our listings, and we’d have to go through that every month to check the expiration dates,” Jason said. “Now, we have all of our listings in Rethink, and we get automated notifications when they’re expiring.”

Rethink CRM also integrates with Drawloop—which Pierson Commercial uses to manage invoices—allowing their brokers and back-office staff to work together more efficiently.

“Once a deal is submitted and approved, our accounting team can review the deal, click on it, and automatically generate an invoice from the data populated in Rethink,” Jason said.

But Jason knows that Rethink CRM’s innovative technology and integrations wouldn’t be nearly as beneficial without the support of an award-winning customer success team.

“I love the customer service,” Jason said. “They’re very responsive.”

He went on to note that the impressive customer service started with implementation.

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, the implementation team took the time to learn about Pierson Commercial’s business and processes. Then, they helped configure the solution to best support the brokerage’s success.

“We have unique requirements,” Jason explained. “We conduct our business differently than other organizations. Retail is different than office and industrial, and industrial is different than retail. And each market—whether it’s in New Jersey or New York or North Carolina—operates in a different way with separate market standards. [The implementation team] was very receptive and responsive to this factor and allowed for customizations.”

Overall, Jason is extremely happy with his decision to implement Rethink CRM.

“It’s doing everything I hoped it would do,” he said. “Once you see it in action and you watch the pipeline building and see all the data that’s available, it’s very impressive. And it’s scalable, so there’s a lot of long-term value.”


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