Brokers: leverage marketing technology to improve client service, win more listings & maximize your success

Don’t disregard CRE marketing technology developments. Use them to your advantage. Marketing technology can help you foster your relationships and close deals by making it easy to

  • ‍Develop strong proposals that win listings
  • ‍Promote client properties with sleek collateral
  • ‍Leverage and strengthen your brand
  • ‍Streamline tasks and maximize resources
  • ‍Generate leads

Develop strong proposals that win listings

A good first impression is the first step to building a long-term relationship with a client. Well-designed, comprehensive proposals demonstrate your professionalism and prove your capabilities.

Because a strong brokerage reputation is appealing to owners, these materials should also showcase your brand.

You can differentiate yourself by highlighting past examples of successful marketing materials in your proposals. And with a marketing tool like Buildout, you can even create sample marketing collateral for the property you’re pitching.

When you utilize CRE marketing technology to draft proposals, you elevate the quality of your documents and increase the number of proposals you can present. The more high-quality proposals you’re able to send, the more listings you’ll win.

Promote client properties with sleek collateral

Properties sell faster and command higher offers when they’re marketed with high-quality collateral.

A CRE marketing tool like Buildout ensures that every piece of collateral you create will be sleek, professional, and on-brand. Achieving that level of quality actually takes far less time than you're likely spending on marketing materials now. That’s because Buildout completely automates this process.

It’s crucial that your materials communicate accurate information. Buildout ensures accuracy by giving every member of your team access to the most up-to-date property details and automatically updating all your materials any time a change occurs. This reinforces your attention to detail and keeps clients happy with your work.

To maximize the impact of your materials, make sure you understand what your listing’s target buyers care about and create materials that effectively highlight that information. For example, an OM for a retail property in a multi-retail space could include:

  • Outlined details of the current tenant's lease agreement
  • Retailer maps and site plans detailing properties and tenants in the surrounding area
  • Important financials, like how much an investor stands to make from their purchase of the property

Creating beautiful, accurate, professional materials with marketing technology will benefit both your own brand and that of your brokerage.

Strengthen your brand

Potential clients value working with a brokerage with a recognizable, reputable brand. And consistency is a crucial part of brand reputation.

With Buildout, everyone on your team can create brand-consistent materials automatically. This builds brand equity—for both you and your brokerage—that will help you win more listings and close more deals as your career progresses.

Embrace technology to streamline tasks and maximize resources

Some say brokers and other CRE professionals don’t like technology or are slow to adopt it, but that’s not necessarily true.

Personality and relationships are still the number one tactic for building business. But technology is revolutionizing the CRE industry and helping more brokers and their marketing teams work smarter each year.

The case for adopting tech is strong. With the right technology in place, you’ll uncover efficiencies and maximize your time.

With Buildout, you can get a listing onto the public market in 15 minutes instead of the typical 7 days. This means your listings get exposure and close faster. If there are changes to a listing, you can easily update it from one centralized location and the change will automatically push to all the property’s materials.

Collateral will always contain the most up-to-date information and your team will no longer need to spend hours manually updating details across platforms. This ensures there are never any bottlenecks in your marketing process that could keep you from closing deals.

Generate leads

Marketing technology gives you more ways to share materials and generate leads. Links, PDFs, emails, and property websites are generated automatically within Buildout, which streamlines your workflow.

Buildout also allows you to host all your materials on your property websites with custom sharing settings. Keep flyers open for all visitors but require contact information and a signed confidentiality agreement to access the OMs and other materials.

This helps you to identify the leads most interested in your properties for additional follow-up.

When you utilize technology to take your marketing to the next level, you’ll improve your relationships with clients, win more listings, and close more deals.

To learn more about using marketing and technology to improve every aspect of your business practices, contact Buildout.

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