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A listing syndication partnership to help you close deals better and faster

No matter what side of the CRE equation you’re on, making your way from the property search phase to a closed deal often feels like running an obstacle course. At any given moment, no matter how skilled you are at your job, there’s always something to slow you down and drain your energy.

Brokers and their teams lose valuable time manually building out marketing materials and ensuring listing information is available in the right places at the right time. Prospective tenants and their reps have to wade through half-baked property pages on listing websites, wait for emailed PDFs from listing agents, and make an appointment for a tour — only to realize the property isn’t the right fit.

Fortunately, there’s another way.

Recently, Buildout’s Chief Customer Officer Kris Krisco sat down with the Director of Strategic Initiatives at AnthemIQ, Zack Jamail, to discuss the new partnership and what it will help accomplish for tenant reps and listing agents alike.

Here are a few of the highlights:

What will AnthemIQ help achieve for tenant reps and their clients?

For too long, brokers have been tasked with building engaging presentations for prospective tenants, which requires a lot of time and energy. And while these presentations improve the client experience, a broker’s time is better spent elsewhere. (Like, for example, on building relationships and closing deals.)

AnthemIQ has helped to solve this. 

“AnthemIQ built the CRE industry’s first transaction management software that takes tenant rep brokers and their agents all the way from search to signed lease on a seamless digital platform,” Zack says.

“There’s a huge lag in the industry as far as workflow tools and what the client experience should be,” he explains. “There's no reason our clients should be receiving as many emails and static PDF documents as they do today. But there hasn’t been a better option.”

AnthemIQ’s powerful and robust solution supports brokers and their teams by compiling a digital presentation — starting with collecting search parameters and then building a digital survey. There’s no need to send documents via email or schedule meetings to review various options. The tool helps brokers move from survey to tour faster. And, with virtual tours, AnthemIQ enables you to save everyone more time.

But while these sorts of features can seem like a “nice to have” today, they’ll soon become a client expectation.

“Now, it might be a competitive advantage, in some respect, to create that customer experience,” Kris says. “But those days are coming to an end. It’s going to be required in the years ahead.”

What you can do with a listing through Buildout

For the past several years, Buildout has focused on creating tools that help make brokers and their teams more efficient. Now, Kris says, the company is focused on increasing deal velocity even more. Not only does the solution allow you to automatically add all of your listing information to brochures, emails, and various listing websites, but by having your leads located in one central location, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with alerts from various listing sites.

For people like Zack, who spent time on the landlord side of CRE, a solution like this can be life-changing. “I’d have been a much happier human being in the past had I been on Buildout,” he says.

What our listing syndication partnership means for you

Buildout has the listing data, AnthemIQ sources lead generation data, and now the two are joining forces in the name of efficiency.

Here’s how it works:

Bringing Buildout listing data to AnthemIQ will in turn funnel leads back to Buildout users

By bringing Buildout listing data to AnthemIQ, which, in turn, will funnel leads back to Buildout users, brokers will have greater visibility into their engagement. For example, not only will you see how many times a listing has been viewed, but you’ll also see who was interested in the listing and how you can get in touch with them.

(Leads generated from AnthemIQ will begin appearing in the Leads tab of your Buildout listing beginning in Q2 2022.)

Kris uses the analogy of woodworking to describe why the Buildout and AnthemIQ partnership is so beneficial. “You can have the best tools in the world, but if you don't have any wood, you can't make anything,” he says. “The data, to us and AnthemIQ, is the wood. It makes our tools more powerful.”

Combining these solutions means you can get a jump on inventory, quickly build out your surveys, get to the tour stage faster, and close deals easier. You’ll also be able to create brochures with in-depth data and rich media (rather than spending precious resources building unique presentations for each listing or quickly pumping out half-completed listings that do little to entice buyers).

If you, like many brokers, are still relying on Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, and outdated CRE technologies, combining Buildout and AnthemIQ may change your life — and improve the experience for your client too.

Learn more and watch the full webinar here.

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