Better with Buildout

Getting more out of marketing at your brokerage

When your brokerage adopts technology—like Buildout—to help you market your listings, you’ll notice some benefits immediately. You’ll recognize the quality of the documents you make and the time you save creating emails, websites, and more. 

But by taking advantage of best practices across your team, you’ll be able to use Buildout to its fullest potential and get even more out of it. Here’s what you can do: 

Make your emails more effective

Are you sending the right properties to the right people? Maybe you have a handful of similar office properties looking for buyers or one new property you want to send to a hand-selected group in your network before sharing with anyone else. 

When you’re more strategic about the messages you send and the people you send them to, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of Buildout.

With Buildout, you can also track email metrics like open rate and click rate. Paying attention to these metrics will help you improve your email subject lines and calls to action, ultimately helping you better understand how your audience responds to emails.

Keep track of your hottest leads

When you use marketing best practices at your brokerage, you can not only track trends like general email metrics but also get specific data about who is most interested in which properties. 

Through Buildout’s document sharing feature, you can gather leads and trigger confidentiality agreements (CAs) for everyone who views your marketing materials. Any time an interested buyer wants to view a property’s OM or other financial information, they’ll have to submit their contact information to unlock it.

Then, your brokers will know who is viewing what documents and how many times, and who are the contacts they should pay the most attention to.

Go deeper: assign projects to your team directly from your database

Instead of sharing information with your marketing team via spreadsheets or other less-than-secure documents, the future of CRE marketing is assigning marketing projects directly to your team from your database and securely sharing that property’s data. 

Combining Buildout's Marketing and CRM + Database features makes this process seamless—saving everyone at a brokerage time and ensuring consistency and efficiency. 

If you’re ready to take your brokerage’s marketing to the next level, reach out to our team to learn more about how you can use all of Buildout features to your advantage.

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