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Finally, a CRM that is really built for brokerages

Do you consider your CRM or database an integral part of your work every day?

Brokers and other CRE professionals need a place to maintain their contact, property, and other relevant deal data. But there’s never been a platform that offers a clear connection between that data and other tools brokerages use.

A CRM or database for CRE should integrate tools through the full deal cycle, give brokers and managing directors pipeline insights to forecast revenue, and be flexible enough to both share and secure data.

Now, Buildout offers that database. We recently released a full suite of tools that connects all the tools brokerages use every day—and features the new, custom-developed database CRE has been missing.

Why traditional CRMs don’t work for CRE

In our 2018 DNA of #CRE survey, brokers said they felt the industry was missing a straightforward, easy-to-use CRM or database that connected everyone at a brokerage. Here’s what they wanted

  • “One time entry from contact to sale/lease”
  • “A way to be on one platform”
  • “Organizing and sharing information with members of your team with a single click”

So far, commercial real estate CRMs haven’t worked directly with all the other tools a brokerage uses. This raises the question: why should a brokerage use a centralized database if they just have to repeatedly enter property information elsewhere?

That's not the only reason why other CRMs just haven't cut it for brokerages. A lot of databases in the industry are built on top of existing sales CRMs, like Salesforce. Because of this, those tools are often limited by the needs of other industries and don't quite fit for CRE.

Finally, brokers work hard for their data. Many prefer to keep the data they’ve collected throughout their career private and have to use “shadow systems” to hold onto it if they move to a new firm. These systems limit compatibility with other tools and make it harder for marketers and back-office staff to access the data they need.

Buildout's full suite of tools was built with brokerage needs in mind

Our new CRM feature was custom-built based on broker insights. It includes multiple property tags and grouping, call lists, activity logs, contact previews that follow you as you navigate your database, and more.

Through our Premium Marketing product, the database brings all of your brokerage’s work together—from prospecting, to marketing, to back office—on one platform. This makes passing information from one task to another with full context easier and faster. Now, CRE can work smarter. 

Brokers also have the option to add their own private database to the company database. With this separate plug-in, brokers can keep their information secure, but connect to company tools for marketing, vouchers, and comps. These private databases are compatible with any Buildout CRM-enabled brokerage so brokers can take their data with them throughout their careers.

With an integrated database that works the way CRE professionals do every day, brokerages can work smarter, close deals faster, and retain brokers longer.

Learn more about the new Buildout CRM, and reach out to our team to talk about how our database will work for you.

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