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3 benefits you gain when you use Buildout's all-in-one platform

Your brokerage is juggling a handful of deals on any given day—each in a different phase of your workflow. 

To ensure you’re operating efficiently and effectively, you need one program that integrates your data across every phase of the deal. 

The answer is Buildout's full suite of tools.

Buildout's full suite of tools brings every brokerage tool you need into one platform, like

Here are the three key benefits your brokerage stands to gain in using Buildout's full suite of tools.

1. Centralized data

Buildout centralizes all of your data and creates a seamless data sharing experience. 

Our CRM manages your contact, company, and property data all in one tool—making it easy to take all of your prospecting data and move it through your deal flow. 

For example, when you close a listing, your marketing team will already have the information they need to build your materials. And when you’re ready to finalize the transaction, your back-office team will have what they need to close out the deal. 

Ultimately, this saves you time sharing or re-entering data at every phase of the deal.

2. Oversight on every deal

Buildout focuses all your work around your deals, making it easy to track and monitor their progress with access to real-time data. 

With your data centralized into one tool, you have a pipeline view of where each deal is at every stage. And, you can easily monitor progress with a view of who is working on what, the key metrics of your deals performance, and more.

With oversight on every deal, you can better communicate with your clients and make informed decisions based on what is happening in real-time.

3. One tool for every member of your team

Buildout is built so everyone at your brokerage can operate out of one tool. It allows for seamless data sharing, encourages collaboration, and streamlines your brokerages day-to-day. 

Brokers can use the CRM to prospect. The marketing team can create and promote listings. The back office team can manage invoices and incoming checks. Principals and managing partners can report on the entire brokerage’s operations. 

With everyone in one tool, your brokerage can save time, increase efficiency, and elevate every stage of your deal cycle. 

How do I get started with Buildout's full suite of tools? 

We’ll jump on the phone to understand the specific needs of your brokerage—then we can show you exactly where Buildout can help.

Once your plan is set up, you’ll have a dedicated Buildout project team to run your team through training, implement your brand for marketing materials, and help import all your property, contact, and comp data for free.

You’ll leave our white-glove onboarding process as Buildout experts—but our excellent Support team and Help Center library is available whenever you have questions.

Get in touch today.

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