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5 technologies today’s CRE professionals are utilizing

Guest post by RealConnex.

While there are seemingly endless real estate tech tools on the market, not all of them will fit with your business goals or priorities. There are tools that focus on data analysis, others on lead generation and pipeline management and countless other categories in between. We found 5 of the hottest technologies being used by today’s CRE professionals:

#1: Real estate CRM software

Without a doubt, CRMs are the number one tool being utilized by tech-savvy CRE pros – it’s almost a must-have today. It used to take a team to amass and track each aspect of a deal. Now a quality CRM does it all with ease, streamlining the whole process and thus speeding up deal flow. The average user of CRM software sees a plus 50% return on investment, a 15% increase in sales productivity with CRM mobile apps, and a 25% increase in overall productivity.

#2: Email marketing

Despite social media, paid search and company websites commanding the lion’s share of marketing attention these days, email marketing continues to be hugely important and effective. Email plays a key role in nurturing leads and prospects after that initial contact online; Integrating your email with a CRM results in an exponential boost in effectiveness. MailChimp is a popular example of an email marketing tool that uses basic automation to create different groups of lists based on specific actions users have taken, e.g. downloaded a guide on your website versus just clicked on an email. And then there are purpose-built platforms for a real estate audience such as Buildout, which offers a range of email marketing tools and detailed reporting to track and optimize on the go.

#3: Time-saving paper-free technology

You can’t avoid the massive paperwork involved in commercial deals, but you don’t have to rely on snail mail, even for big contracts with multiple signatories. In fact, it’s faster and evermore reliable to use secure encrypted signatures so that you can have papers processed, signed, and filed in a matter of minutes instead of days and weeks. Everything is done digitally from filing paperwork to conducting site tours. This is another feature you will find on RealConnex.

#4: Online networking platforms for commercial professionals

Business cards are digital now. More networking is happening online every day. It is no less true for commercial real estate professionals. If you want to know what’s happening in the market, where you can find a good deal, and who is looking to partner, you need to be active on a networking platform. RealConnex is one-of-its-kind (they won Commercial Product of the Year back in February) because the platform brings all real estate professionals together in one place in order to connect with high-quality prospects, partners and deals, when you need them most.

#5: Solid databases for easy lead prospecting

Sometimes the best deals are hidden right under our noses. Having access to a database that knows where to find those gems are hot right now. 42Floors is one of those databases that lets you search for deals and prospects based on very specific details, from square footage to company background. RealConnex takes an even more comprehensive approach to lead prospecting with our prospecting and business development tools.

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