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success story

TREK boosts productivity and grows repeat business with Buildout

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Austin, TX

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January, 2018

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Key benefit

Storing and accessing all data in one place

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The goals

  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets
  • Organize, clean up, and grow existing database
  • Create a more efficient way of carrying out day-to-day operations

The approach

  • Use Buildout’s full suite of connected tools to streamline processes and keep all information in one central location 

The results

  • Enhanced team productivity with built-in project management and pipeline features 
  • Consolidated data from multiple systems and housed entire database within Buildout 
  • Empowered teams to access and share information more efficiently with Buildout’s comprehensive database
  • Increased quantity of repeat clients due to client reporting features within Buildout

Brittany Newton is a project coordinator in charge of handling back-office operations at TREK Investment Group, a commercial real estate investment brokerage firm specializing exclusively in leased investments and shopping center sales throughout the United States.

Since 2018, Buildout’s Marketing software has helped TREK win more listings and close deals faster. So when Brittany examined TREK’s database and back-office processes, she knew upgrading to Buildout’s full suite of tools would further enhance their brokerage operations.

Before the upgrade, TREK’s communication was stored in one place, details regarding the transaction were in another, and database of contacts and properties were in yet another. 

Buildout’s full suite of tools—Marketing, Premium Marketing, Lite CRM, and Back Office—eliminated that problem.

Now, TREK stores critical data in a single, centralized database, empowering greater productivity and an improved client experience.

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An entire database in one place

Prior to onboarding Buildout’s full suite of tools, TREK struggled to keep track of key deal cycle data.

They used a competitive tool to house all of their listing details and communication, Buildout Marketing for the creation of documents and website listings, and spreadsheets to track commissions and company financials. 

But with the Buildout upgrade, the connected tools made it easier to store, organize, access, and share data—which decreased both team frustration and time spent tracking down necessary information.

“Buildout is an all-encompassing commercial real estate software that allows you to operate your business from front-office marketing to back-office financials, all in one system. It is a comprehensive system that is easy to use and functions well with top notch customer service.”

Thanks to Buildout’s seamless all-in-one software, TREK now houses their entire database within Buildout and uses the software to manage their entire deal cycle—from start to finish.

Better features for a better client experience

When TREK used the trial version of Buildout’s full suite of products, they saw how user friendly the layout and design elements were. Having tested some of the features, they knew upgrading would provide a better experience for not only their team—but also for their clients.

“The client report feature is a new tool that we gained that has been very helpful and impressive to our clients. That feature as well as the pipeline are great ways to push our team along, while letting our clients see how hard we are working on their behalf.” 

In fact, TREK has already seen the value that the platform has in growing their business.

“By using the client reporting feature, we already gained a repeat client. He was so impressed that we would allow him to ‘see behind the curtain’ into what we were actually doing to sell his property, he immediately gave us another listing.”

And the Buildout team will continue to deliver impressive new features—as the team at TREK can attest.

“We are very impressed with the fact that Buildout listens to its customers and changes, grows, and develops to fit their needs. In the few months that we have used Buildout, support has reached out on multiple occasions saying our suggestions have been implemented. It is nice to have a product that is user-friendly, fits the needs of the company, and has readily available support.”

TREK has big goals this year to increase sales, enhance brand awareness, increase lead generation, and grow their digital presence. And they plan to leverage Buildout as the tool to help them get there.


Interested in finding out if Buildout could be the right all-in-one software partner for your brokerage? Contact us and we can set up a call to learn about your business needs and the tools that can carry you forward.

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