How Nexus Commercial Realty Uses Buildout CRM to Manage their Team’s Growing Pipeline and Network of Clients

Nexus Commercial Realty*, a Denver, Colorado-based multi-family investment sales firm, has been an Buildout CRM customer since the company was founded in 2017, and their team has now grown to 20 users made up of brokers, analysts, and a marketing manager. Read on to learn how they use Buildout to stay organized, collaborate effectively, and grow their database of clients.

Goals & challenges

Investment sales advisors at Nexus Commercial Realty spend a lot of time making calls. Not only do they need an organized list of who to talk to, but they also need a way to keep track of all of those dials they make. The brokers also need a way to manage deal flow for deals they have won. There are a lot of moving parts to a deal, and it’s really easy for important follow-ups to slip through the cracks and delay the deal timeline. Or worse yet, cause a deal to fall through altogether.

The analysts and marketing manager at Nexus need to be able to see what’s in everyone’s pipeline at all times. With multiple deals being in various stages at once, clear and effective communication is key to moving every deal forward.

How Buildout helps

Buildout helps everyone at Nexus Commercial Realty stay organized, manage their deals, and communicate effectively. Logging activities (interactions that the team has had with current and prospective clients) allows the investment sales advisors to keep track of who they called, when they last talked to them, and what they talked about. For example, if someone is about to reach out to a contact at a property, they can look at the notes in Buildout and see who else from their team has already talked to that individual. That helps the brokers share valuable intel with each other, which ultimately helps them win more deals because they remembered to reach out at just the right time with the right piece of information.

Buildout's dashboards and reports give the marketing manager visibility into pipeline and the necessary actions to drive each deal forward. She can make updates when things go under contract or the team gets a new listing, all in real-time. Buildout's Chatter feature (functions like the feed on familiar social media platforms) allows the analysts to communicate directly with brokers right within the software, cutting down on email volume. They can notify teammates of important updates and share files, all without ever having to leave Buildout.


  • Over a 120-day period, brokers made and logged over 5,000 calls in Buildout
  • Currently Nexus is managing over 13,000 contacts
  • Since starting with Buildout they've logged 112,000 completed interactions (calls, meetings, emails, tours, etc.)
  • Nexus has tracked 213 listings

What the team has to say about Buildout

“If I were to talk to the leader or admin of a team who has yet to make the investment in Buildout, I would tell them that it makes it so much easier to do your job. Being able to keep everything in one location and knowing exactly where your pipeline is at at any given point in time is a huge timesaver. You don’t have to worry about hunting around for specific information. It’s all right there. You need a database that you can add to and grow overtime as your network and business grows. We are a shop that is heavily focused on collaboration, and Buildout helps us do that really well.” –Kim Hoff, Marketing Manager


It’s impossible to manage such a high volume of contacts and listings without technology. And to effectively track your client interactions and deal progress, you need a CRM that’s designed specifically for commercial real estate. Buildout not only stores and organizes all of that data for Nexus, but has also given the team insights into how their business is doing. The ability to access and act upon that intel has helped them stay top of mind with clients, and not step on each other’s toes while doing so. Buildout will continue to give them a competitive edge, now and for years to come.

*Note: In February of 2021, Nexus joined forces with Capstone Companies, a multi-family investment sales brokerage based out of Charlotte, NC.

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