Michael Saunders & Company’s Director of Commercial Real Estate generates a strong ROI with Buildout

When Michael Saunders & Company updated their brand after 40 years in business, the leadership team wanted to ensure their new identity would be showcased and maintained in their marketing. Matt Drews, Director of Commercial Real Estate for the firm, sought a tool that would help the entire team of commercial brokers maintain brand consistency and professionalism. In his search, he found Buildout.

The firm has been using Buildout for two years and has already reaped significant benefits.

Buildout streamlines marketing and saves time to help brokers win more listings

While Michael Saunders & Company has a large marketing department to support brokers in promoting properties, they have historically struggled to standardize promotions across their firm. Before they implemented Buildout, Drews linked the brokerage’s marketing operations to “the wild wild west,” where every broker used their own materials that suited their own tastes.

Buildout’s team of designers worked hand in hand with Michael Saunders & Company and its brokers to standardize branding, customize the features they needed and create the exact look and feel they wanted for every single marketing piece. Through this process, the firm’s brokers were given the opportunity to provide input on finished products, and as a result, they continue to enjoy using the tool now that it is in place.

With Buildout, the firm’s brokers are able to put together proposal packages with marketing mockups that show exactly how they’ll promote a property, which is highly attractive to prospective clients. Drews has even received direct feedback that his brokers have won listings because of marketing packages included in their proposals.

Now that the firm has automated the creation of marketing materials and the syndication of listings across marketing channels, brokers can use their time more effectively and focus more of their energy on closing deals. And Buildout’s email marketing feature even connects directly to the firm’s website and CRM, which makes following up with potential buyers and clients even more efficient.

All of these changes allow the brokers at Michael Saunders & Company to spend more time prospecting and interacting with clients, which has generated a significant ROI.

Buildout’s owner’s reports demonstrate professionalism and results

In addition to streamlining the creation of brand consistent marketing materials, Drews and his firm have also made excellent use of another Buildout feature: owner’s reports.

Buildout automatically generates owner’s reports for brokers to show owners and investors where a property listing is syndicated, visual mockups of the property website, brochures, flyers and all emails sent. These reports also include a customizable summary page for brokers to highlight key pieces of information like how long a property has been on the market, how many prospects are interested, who the hottest leads are and the next steps for the property.

With Buildout’s owner’s reports, Drews and the brokers of Michael Saunders & Company are able to show clients exactly how they’re promoting their properties in real time. So, not only does Buildout provide a positive ROI for the firm, but it helps Michael Saunders & Company prove their ROI to their clients as well.

Michael Saunders & Company branding

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