How Rethink CRM Helped the President of IMAIM CAPITAL 10X the Value of His Time

When Nathaniel Korn, President of IMAIM CAPITAL in Miami, Florida, first started his company, he found himself bogged down by the daily tasks of keeping his business running.

“It came to a point where I was spreading myself too thin,” he explained. “I didn’t know what the answer was, but I knew something had to change.”

He found the answer in Rethink CRM—Buildout’s client relationship management platform purpose-built for CRE—which empowered him to grow a team and focus on big-picture strategy.

“I’ve gotten a 10X return on my time because now I can delegate activities to other key staff,” Nathaniel said. “I’m free to focus more on top-level objectives. It feels like I have a business, rather than just a job.”

Because Rethink CRM is designed to systemize the processes and workflows needed to sustain a successful CRE practice, he was able to use the tool to empower his brokerage’s growth.

“Rethink was a big help in setting up certain processes, job descriptions, and work requirements that I used when making hiring decisions,” Nathaniel said. “Now, the company that started out as pretty much just me working alone has grown to seven people.”

And having Rethink CRM has helped him craft a positive work environment as his team has grown.

“Having an organized process gives us more room to have fun and develop relationships. Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, and no one has to come to work and reinvent the wheel,” Nathaniel said. “Everyone has enough to do without having to worry about where paperwork is located or what a tenant’s contact number is. That’s a powerful thing… and often overlooked, I feel.”

Rethink CRM also encourages teamwork among the growing staff.

“It’s a platform for our team to work together, communicate, and organize operations,” Nathaniel explained. “It helps us take the pulse of our business and get better at what we do—whether that’s raising more money, managing more properties, providing better service to our tenants, or lowering our costs. We’re always trying to figure out new ways to be more productive and efficient, and Rethink is a piece of that puzzle. A big piece.”

He went on to explain that Rethink CRM has empowered him and his staff to deliver an exceptional client experience.

“Using Rethink allows us to be more productive and efficient, and naturally, that spills over to our providing better service,” Nathaniel explained. “We have more information and better answers.

“For example, with tenants, we provide better service because we document issues and respond faster, and the information in the system allows us to communicate more effectively and provide a better solution,” he added. “From an investor standpoint, Rethink allows us to provide operational metrics and transparency on the business.

“It even allows us to manage our costs better,” he continued. “We don’t have to dig through file cabinets and view previous invoices before making purchase decisions. We can easily report on that information and make good decisions around our expenses, which trickles down to the bottom line.”

And Nathaniel knows none of this would be possible if he continued to rely on paper- and spreadsheet-based documentation practices like he did in IMAIM CAPITAL’s infancy.

“It was just inefficient,” he said. “When it was me managing a couple of properties, yeah, it worked. But the moment you want to break through the glass ceiling and do more—and do it with a team approach—the spreadsheets break down.”

Overall, Nathaniel is grateful for the peace of mind Rethink CRM brings.

“I feel like my day isn’t as anxious and like I don’t have to plan as much,” he said. “I’m still planning, of course, but using Rethink helps me know what I need to do before I even get to the office—whether it’s a task assigned a week ago or a project created more recently. I feel more in control.”

And he expects more and more CRE brokerages will ditch spreadsheets and paper notes in favor of solutions like Rethink CRM—or risk falling behind.

“It’s getting harder and harder to operate effectively without a tool like Rethink,” Nathaniel said. “And I don’t think that’s going to change. It’s going to be increasingly difficult to grow and see the forest for the trees.”


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