Realizing 600% Growth, The Blau & Berg Company Uses Rethink CRM to Save Time and Manage Relationships

The Blau & Berg Company has served the New Jersey market area for more than 85 years as a full-service boutique brokerage that specializes in industrial brokerage. Recent successes have grown their market share to include the tri-state area and increased revenue over 600 percent in just a few years.

The secret to their success?

“Don’t try to reinvent the wheel,” said Jason Crimmins, president of The Blau & Berg Company. That advice applies to all aspects of his commercial real estate (CRE) business, including investing in Rethink CRM—Buildout’s client relationship management platform purpose-built for CRE. 

“If you’re in commercial real estate, Rethink CRM is hands down, one of the most remarkable programs in the industry,” Crimmins said. “On a macro level the platform is extraordinary. It fits the needs and details that are unique to commercial real estate, as opposed to trying to make some other solution work.”

The Blau & Berg Company previously tried using and CoStar Brokerage Applications to manage deals and relationships but found that—though they appreciate the various strengths of both platforms—neither had the necessary features and functionality to forecast, find deals and manage relationships  that are critical to their CRE business. 

“Rethink has commercial real estate features, real-time contact info, mobile access and deal pipeline management to name a few that features that allow its platform to be work for CRE brokers that other systems just can’t match.”

“Brokers don’t want to make a lot of clicks or waste time inputting data,” Crimmins explained. “They want to be out on the street or making phone calls and continuing to create relationships with their clients, as opposed to doing busy work. Time management is critical in our business and that’s what Rethink allows for-it cuts down on all the buttons and clicks to save time.”

As the leading cloud-based commercial real estate brokerage platform built for CRE brokers, by CRE brokers, Rethink CRM saves time and makes it easy to manage clients’ needs.

“Rethink helps us keep track of our clients’ requirements,” Crimmins said. “Nothing falls through the cracks, and that’s also incredibly important.”

But it’s not just the functionality that won over Crimmins’ team.

“The customer service is simply so far superior than most if not all of the other CRM platforms out there today,” he said. “They answer questions quickly—I’m not talking within 24 or 48 hours—they get back almost immediately with a solution. The software itself is phenomenal, but to have that type of service backing it… it’s a game changer.”

And because Rethink CRM is built on the platform, users have secure access to their client information, listings, properties, deals and commissions anytime, from anywhere. Integrations with other leading CRE platforms are also increasingly available and convenient.

The Blau & Berg Company will soon add an integration between their Rethink CRM solution and Buildout’s industry-leading marketing platform

“Having the programs work together will bring about more time savings and ease of access,” Crimmins said. “It has provided us with another leg up. Having a partner such as Rethink guiding us forward has been invaluable.”


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