August 16, 2022

Buildout launches Boost & Buildout Connect, a broker and investor matching service

Chicago, IL—Buildout, the leading provider of end-to-end commercial real estate software, today announced the launch of two solutions: Boost and Buildout Connect. These tools rapidly increase deal velocity by slashing the time on lead generation and matching investors and brokers using proprietary data.

“One of the biggest challenges for commercial real estate brokers is finding the right buyer among a list of otherwise unqualified leads,” said Buildout Co-CEO Kris Krisco. “And one of the biggest challenges for investors is finding the right opportunity before someone else. Boost and Buildout Connect solve both of these pain points.” 

Boost is a buyer matching tool designed to extend the reach of a property listing and maximize its visibility with the click of a button. The solution rapidly matches each listing with the most qualified buyers, verifies their interest, and delivers their contact information to the property’s broker via the Buildout CRE marketing software platform.

Buildout Connect is a free service developed to help commercial real estate investors source their ideal investment opportunities. Users simply enter their preferred investment criteria, and Buildout delivers matching listings to their portal or inbox. If an investor is interested in a property, they can elect to be contacted by its broker.

Using more than 24 dimensions of buyer criteria, Boost and Buildout Connect helps solve the most frustrating challenge in commercial real estate: ensuring brokers connect with ideal buyers without wasting time and resources on unqualified leads, and ensuring investors connect with a property’s broker before a competing party catches their eye.

As a result, brokers enjoy better commissions, investors enjoy an accelerated win rate, and everyone benefits from a faster sales cycle and a more streamlined experience.

“Boost and Buildout Connect are the future of buyer matching technology,” Krisco said. “We’re excited to usher in a new era of commercial real estate deal-making with tools that save brokers and buyers countless hours. By facilitating these connections, our software eliminates the most tedious part of the process and ensures properties go to the best buyer for the best price in record time.”

Buildout users can log in to their accounts and begin using Boost immediately for $100 per listing*, and investors can sign up or log into Buildout Connect and use the service for free. 

*Introductory pricing

About Buildout

Buildout, Inc. is a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the commercial real estate industry. Since 2010, Buildout has been at the forefront of the CRE tech revolution, empowering brokers and developers with cutting-edge tools and software to stay competitive in the digital age. With a focus on optimizing every stage of the deal process, Buildout is helping shape the future of the CRE industry.