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“Buildout has streamlined processes in my brokerage by putting a protocol in place for improving continuity and professional collateral." –Scott L. Shwayder, Principal, Unique Properties

CRE technology has come a long way, and in a booming tech market, the options can seem overwhelming. Your brokerage’s team may be leery of making a change in technology––perhaps because you’ve been let down by tech solutions in the past.

But to stand out from the over 100,000 other CRE brokerage and management firms in the U.S., you have to have efficient technology in place. There is a comprehensive CRE marketing tool that will help you overcome many of your brokerage’s top challenges at once: Buildout. Buildout creates high-quality marketing materials for brokerages of any size so they can compete with even the biggest firms in the business.

Bringing a new technology on board in your brokerage will not only make your team’s day-to-day easier, but will also free up your time to focus on higher-level strategic work. And this positions you as more of a business partner in your brokerage than ever before.

If you recognize the value and are ready to introduce a new solution to the rest of your team, here’s how you can address each team member’s challenges and convince them of the benefits of new technology:

Demonstrate positive ROI for brokerage owners

55 percent of brokerage owners see technological advancements as revolutionary for the CRE industry, but only 11 percent see themselves at the leading edge of using these new technologies. Why is that? Concerns about the upfront investment of time and money. However, brokerage owners should compare the cost of the platform with the opportunities it provides. Once you have the right systems and technologies in place, you’ll accelerate your brokerage’s success and generate even more revenue. For brokerage owners, it’s important to emphasize that Buildout is an investment in the brokerage’s growth and will result in positive ROI.

Buildout allows your firm to easily scale as you onboard more brokers and merge with, acquire and open new offices. With streamlined processes and consistent branding, you’ll be able to extend your brokerage’s brand across new offices, maintain acquired brokerages’ branding in their offices or create an all-new unified brand -- whatever fits your brokerage’s needs.

“Buildout has streamlined processes in my brokerage by putting a protocol in place for improving continuity and professional collateral." –Scott L. Shwayder, Principal, Unique Properties

And Buildout saves everyone at your brokerage valuable time. Because your team will be able to create their marketing materials faster than ever before, they’ll have more time available to identify opportunities and implement new strategies that promote growth. Brokers will also provide better service to clients with the time they save and the superior marketing materials they create. This will result in return business and further increased revenue.

Brokerage owners know that broker retention is important because broker attrition is expensive. A tool like Buildout will encourage brokers to stay with your firm because it helps them close more deals and generate more revenue. Brokers are also more likely to stay on board with a firm with a consistent, reputable brand, and Buildout helps you achieve and maintain exactly that.

And finally, with a single comprehensive tool for creating marketing materials, you can eliminate the need for other pricey tech tools and save even more money for your brokerage. Examples of tools you could eliminate after onboarding with Buildout include:

  • Mapping software: Buildout generates maps to include on marketing pieces.
  • Website creation: Buildout automatically creates websites for each of your property listings, eliminating the costs of outsourced website firms and additional site hosting.
  • Listing plugins: Buildout also offers plugins for your brokerage’s website in which all of your available properties are automatically added and searchable.
  • Vaults and virtual deal rooms: Buildout’s document vaults allow you to share documents with specific users and generate valuable leads.
Example of tools Buildout offers
Example of tools Buildout offers

Once brokerage owners understand the positive ROI of Buildout and are eager to implement the technology in your brokerage, the benefits for brokers will become apparent as well.

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Enable brokers to improve client service

Brokers are busy. They’re constantly on the move, working to make connections, build relationships and close deals. Because of the nature of their job, brokers often aren’t interested in taking time to learn how to use a new technology.

However, Buildout was designed to be easy for everyone to pick up. Even those who have little to no design experience will be able to use Buildout to create the materials they need. Brokers also have the added benefit of being able to customize maps, include comps and edit content on each individual piece their marketing team creates for them. If a time sensitive need comes up and your marketing team is unavailable, or is short-staffed, your brokers can quickly and easily create these valuable materials themselves.

“Buildout is leverage. KW Commercial chose to provide this easy-to-use tool to all of its brokers so they can create and disperse exceptional marketing products quickly, freeing them to spend more time prospecting and growing their business. KW Commercial’s agents are all business owners focused on profitability, and Buildout allows them to spend more time on the activities that count.” –Schuyler Williamson, former Director, KW Commercial

In order to improve client service, stand out from competition and close more deals, brokers need to move beyond the status quo of the CRE industry and implement modern technologies. With Buildout, brokers can provide top-notch service to their clients, offer consistent materials and share accurate property information. All of your property listing data is housed in one centralized place within Buildout, so brokers will no longer have to use outdated and unreliable Excel documents to maintain listing information.

The time your brokers had previously spent updating spreadsheets can now be spent making connections and acquiring new listings. And because proposals, OMs and other materials are delivered quicker than ever before, your brokers will have even more opportunities to propose and close deals.

Foster cutting-edge marketing opportunities

Our clients estimate that before Buildout, they spent 75 percent of their time updating flyers, email blasts and maps. For example, one manual change to a single flyer could take approximately two and a half hours without Buildout. Additionally, they estimated it took seven days to get a new listing to market when they had to create materials manually. But with Buildout, you can make changes to brochures and flyers instantly, and it only takes about 15 minutes to get a listing to market.

So what does this shift mean for the reallocation and management of your marketing team’s workload? The time your admins once spent making tweaks to materials can be used to develop higher level marketing strategies that help your brokerage grow. Examples of creative marketing projects your team can now work on to further brokerage success and growth include:

  • Custom promotions for specific properties
  • Social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.ƒ
  • Drone footage development
  • Property video development
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Brand management
  • Internal communications ƒ
  • Blogging
  • Public relations
  • Events
  • Infographic presentations

And your team can be confident that every piece they create with Buildout is customized for your brokerage and will stand out from your competitionWhen your brokerage onboards, our designers work with your team to develop or redevelop your brand blueprints and create sleek, professional layouts for all of your brochures, flyers, emails, websites and more.

“The Buildout team who provided our design work for our templates and my training are top-of-the-line. When I asked for a custom look and specific detail, they responded quickly and provided exactly what I was looking for. Buildout is a dream come true for those who want to step to the next level in their marketing efforts. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision to partner with Buildout.” –Rhonda S. Butler, Listing Administrator and Marketing, Lightle Beckner Robison, Inc.

To learn more about Buildout’s benefits for your brokerage, access our resource “Building your brand: save time and focus on what matters most with Buildout” or contact our team today.

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