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What's new with Buildout?

What’s new in Buildout?

Date | August 25, 2023

We've got some exciting updates to share with you! We've been listening to feedback and busy improving Buildout, and we're happy to announce some new features and enhancements to the Prospect & Nurture, Showcase & Boost, and Manage & Close modules that we think you'll really like. Here's a rundown of the most recent updates:

What’s new in the Prospect & Nurture module

Expanded owner data set

Elevate your prospecting game with our expanded owner contacts data set. Now you can access all owner contacts associated with each commercial property, increasing connections to true owners and opening doors to unprecedented opportunities in commercial real estate.

What's new in the Showcase & Boost module

Doc center, website editor & broker plugin enhancements

Say hello to more creative freedom and greater impact with the latest Website Editor and Broker Showcase enhancements! Now you can effortlessly tailor how property content and your team is displayed on the web with editable button text, location descriptions, expanded video support, a properties details table and broker specialties. And when you’re ready to share your beautiful documents, now you can just click the copy link button and drop the link into your preferred communication channel.

What’s new in the Manage & Close module

Automatic comp creation 

If you ever thought that automatically converting closed deals into comps was an unrealistic pipe dream, well, dream no more. It’s true. Now Buildout has a global setting that makes remembering to convert a closed deal to a comp or rekeying comp data curious relics of the past.

User tip | To auto-create comps from all closed deals go to Company Settings > Back Office > General Settings where you’ll now see two settings.

  • Automatically create comps for closed deals — This setting works exactly as described. If enabled, comps will be created for all closed deals. See the screenshot below.
  • Allow users to opt out by marking deals as confidential — When this setting is enabled, vouchers will include a checkbox that designates a deal as confidential. See the screenshot below.

New deal planner view

Our new Deal Planner view is all set to make your life easier. It consolidates all your deal-related tasks and critical dates into one place, so you can see everything at a glance. See below.

User tip | Access Deal Planner view from the main navigation menu, under Deals.

Other credits now in receivables

We've also added something special for those tricky situations where the money isn't going to be collected. With our new Other Credits to Receivables, we've got you covered.

User tip | Applying an Other Credit is a lot like applying a deposit:

  1. Go to an approved voucher
  2. Find the receivable you want to credit
  3. In the Actions menu, click on Apply Other Credit

Receivables & deposits | Now with trend charts

Receivables and Deposits have gotten a big makeover. The star of the show? A new bar chart that illustrates trends over time. This visual tool is designed to give you quick insights into how things are progressing.

Monthly Receivables | Current Year
Monthly Deposits | Last 6 Months

The all-new deduction credits report

Deduction credits can be complex, but our new Deduction Credits Report is here to simplify things. Every row in this report represents a deduction credit, giving you a clear picture of your finances.

And guess what? We've also reworked the Deductions Report. Now, each row represents a single deduction, with details like the total amount, amount covered by credits, and the open balance.

User tip | Both reports are accessible under the Reports menu.

Wrapping It Up

Our goal with these updates is to provide you with tools that are not just powerful but also intuitive. We believe that the new features will help streamline transactions, allowing you more time to focus on what only you can do.

We're always working to make Buildout even better, so you can focus on what you do best.

Here's to more efficient deal management!

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