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Using document automation to your advantage

There’s a better way to create proposals and property flyers at your brokerage. With document automation, you no longer have to consult separate datasheets of listings, confirm whether the information is up to date and make edits to each document individually. You can update all your property details in one central location and watch as they populate your proposals and marketing materials automatically. Everyone at your brokerage––the marketing team, brokers and brokerage owners––benefits from document automation.

Document automation helps your brokerage win more listings

With document automation software, brokers have more time to spend on activities that help your firm win more listings. The hours they once wasted manually updating proposals and materials can be spent making connections and nurturing deals. And because document automation speeds up proposal creation, your team can also draft more proposals in less time. Those proposals will stand out from the competition thanks to their professional design, brand consistency and speed to delivery.

Document automation helps your brokerage close more deals

Brokers better serve their clients and close more deals more quickly when properties make it to market faster. Some brokerages report that it takes as long as seven business days to fully market a listing. But with document automation, listings are live in as little as 15 minutes.

When your marketing team creates and updates marketing materials, they’ll no longer have to gather listing information from various sources and then update documents one by one. Your team can spend the time it gains back on other initiatives like videos, 3D tours and higher level strategies that increase close rates.

Document automation makes scaling your brokerage easier

Document automation facilitates brokerage growth and scalability by preventing bottlenecks in the marketing process that often arise as firms grow. Listing information remains organized and current, materials stay brand consistent and your marketing team is able to fully serve all brokers, even as you hire more.

Retention is also important for firms looking to scale. Brokers want to stay on board when they have access to cutting-edge automation tools that help them succeed, and clients grow even happier with their service.

What makes Buildout different?

Buildout populates your brokerage’s brochures, flyers, websites, emails, proposals and OMs through document automation. But with Buildout, you get more than the typical automated marketing materials. When you onboard with Buildout, our team of designers helps you create dynamic marketing material layouts that are unique to your brand. You’re not stuck with a cookie cutter template for all your marketing pieces. While the property information automatically populates all of your materials, they’re still fully customizable. You’re able to edit all maps, comps, financials, photos and content within each document using our advanced document editor.

Buildout instantly creates beautiful flyers for your listings.

Buildout also centralizes all of your brokerage’s listing information in one location. You only have to input information once, and from there, it’s pushed to your materials. If there are changes to listing details, simply edit the listing’s property form and all your materials will update accordingly. This capability ensures your information is current and your materials are always up to date.

Enter your listing information into Buildout’s property form and it instantly pushes it out to all of the materials you create.

Centralized data not only streamlines document creation but also gives you a bird’s-eye view of the brokerage’s listing inventory. You can set permissions for other brokerage team members to access the data if applicable. This organization allows your team to maintain up-to-date listing information and monitor marketing from a big-picture perspective.

See the status of all of your property listings on your Buildout home page.

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