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Use syndication to save countless hours and instantly maximize listing exposure

Success in commercial real estate requires a certain level of skill and experience, but it’s also a numbers game. For example, the more qualified leads you can generate for a client’s property, the better your chances of closing the deal quickly and for the best price. The fewer leads you receive for a listing, the less competition—and the lower your likelihood of closing at the highest dollar or landing the biggest commission.

That’s why many brokerages rely on syndication. This allows them to publish their listings across numerous national and local commercial real estate marketplaces, thereby maximizing each listing’s exposure and increasing the potential number of qualified leads.

Today we’re delving into what syndication means and how it works.

What is commercial real estate syndication?

Syndication is a process brokerages use to list a property on multiple third-party listing sites like Brevitas, Digsy, theBrokerList, and Spacelist, at once.

Today, most buyers and tenants use these types of listing sites to browse thousands of properties and pare down results until they locate the listings that meet their needs. Adding your properties to these sites helps get your listings in front of millions of prospects you might not otherwise reach and increases your chances of earning more high-quality leads.

In short, syndication helps ensure your listing information is published on all relevant listing sites, so you don’t miss any opportunities to connect with the right buyers.

What are the benefits of using syndication?

As you can see, using syndication offers numerous benefits for you, your client, and the buyers you’re hoping to reach. Here are three of the main advantages of leveraging a solution like Buildout’s property syndication feature:

  • You’ll save time. If you’ve ever been tasked with manually entering listings to multiple third-party marketplaces, you already know adding all of the listing details and imagery is extremely tedious and time-consuming. But with Buildout’s property syndication feature, you only have to enter the information once. For example, with Buildout, you simply enter the property specs, description, price, and imagery into the CRM and automatically publish it to several major listing sites in seconds. Then, simply wait for the leads to begin rolling in.
  • You’ll maximize exposure. Promoting a listing can be resource-intensive and often takes time and energy away from other pressing matters (like working deals and deepening client relationships). But using a syndication solution alleviates this burden by automatically amplifying your listing across the web. In a matter of seconds, you can get your client’s property in front of hundreds of potential buyers across several different marketplaces.
  • You’ll ensure buyers only see the most accurate information. Individually publishing details to each listing site is exhausting enough the first time, but then you have to go through the entire process again for every new update or price change. And there’s always the risk of missing a site and having inaccurate or out-of-date information circulating the web, which can complicate deals and lead to friction during the negotiation phase.

    Fortunately, by using Buildout’s property syndication feature, you can update all listings automatically each time you need to make changes. This allows you more convenient control over what buyers see and helps ensure all marketplaces only display the most recent and accurate details.

How can Buildout help with syndication?

The Buildout syndication solution helps you save resources, increase exposure, control what information is available to buyers, and collect leads from various third-party marketplaces for a more streamlined experience.

In addition to the syndication solution, Buildout enables you to generate unique property websites, captivating mobile-responsive emails, custom branded brochures, and more. Simply enter property details once, syndicate your listing across the web, and create all the professional-looking marketing assets you need.

Want to see what Buildout’s syndication solution can do for you? Request a demo now.

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