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What is CRE property listing syndication

November 17, 2021

A CRE property listing syndication is where your property ad or listing is republished in many places at the same time—primarily on 3rd party CRE listing sites dedicated to the CRE market. The concept is that no matter where your prospects or clients are looking—or which site they prefer—your listing will show up. 

Property listing syndication can benefit you by…

… giving your listings more exposure

When posting a new listing, any broker’s objective is to quickly reach as many potential clients as possible. Listing syndication software allows you to post listings on many 3rd party CRE listing sites. And most of these sites are free and an easy way to maximize your marketing efforts—the wider you cast your marketing net, the greater your chances of generating high-quality leads. 

There’s also a high chance of finding quality tenants or buyers in the least amount of time. Yardi, CommercialEdge, and other major CRE syndication portals receive millions of website visits every month. So there’s no doubt that syndication will place your listings in front of a significant number of potential clients and maximize your listing’s exposure. 

… generating more leads

Most buyers and tenants hunt for properties online, and listing sites have fast become the starting point for them to start their search. There are a handful of major listing sites that tenants or buyers go to find new property. Instead of jumping from one site to another, potential clients can see your listings posted on these major listing sites—practically a one-stop shop for properties. 

So no matter where prospective clients are looking or which site they prefer, your listing is there. Many of these sites display listings at no cost too. More buyer competition with more leads gives you the upper hand to drive up the asking price. And it would lead to a faster deal flow.

… getting more sales and making clients happy

Listing syndication increases the likelihood of quickly closing a deal on time-sensitive listings before it goes stale because major listing portals get so much web traffic—it’s unlikely that exclusivity on listings would expire. There's no doubt that a property will sell more quickly because of greater exposure and that it would lead to better outcomes for your client. There’s also potential for future deals when clients are happy with your service.

Also—since major listing portals get so much web traffic—they’re a great way to improve your brand awareness. With the added credibility of being syndicated on a major listing site, your brand’s awareness and reputation will become better when buyers and tenants come in contact with your listings. And with that added credibility, you’ll have the opportunity to sell more properties. 

Ready to add CRE listing syndication to your marketing strategy?

By adding property listing syndication to your marketing strategy, you will have more potential buyer leads, faster deal flow, higher prices, and happier clients. If you’re interested in learning more about syndication and how Buildout can help you reach a larger audience and drive more leads from your property listings, request a free demo.

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