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Success story: Lee & Associates finds a true partner with Buildout

We sat down with Lee & Associates’ Jeff Rinkov, CEO and Chairman of the Board, and Lori Rodenbeck, COO, to talk about their experience using Buildout. They discussed how Buildout has helped their firm save time on administrative tasks and elevate their brand. But most importantly, they discussed how Buildout has been a true partner to their firm, working directly with their team to find solutions to their problems.

Why did Lee & Associates decide to onboard with Buildout instead of another solution?

Buildout addressed the pain points of both local office marketing departments and top-level corporate leadership. And unlike other potential partners, Buildout actually listened to and understood the firm’s problems, was willing to solve them and was more nimble in doing so.

How has Buildout positively affected operations at Lee & Associates?

Since onboarding with Buildout two years ago, the platform has not only streamlined the creation of property marketing packages — producing a clear ROI — but has actually enhanced the Lee & Associates brand.

Now, high-end human capital can be reallocated to other important tasks beyond the development of custom brochures. Because marketers’ days are no longer as chaotic, their time can now be repurposed for assisting brokers in other ways, helping the firm’s office manager and other valuable tasks.

Additionally, Lee recently engaged with Buildout’s team to sync the back end of their website to the Buildout program and, as a result, has been receiving a greater volume of traffic to their website.

And while Lee & Associates could already tout excellent broker retention, Buildout has potentially had a positive impact on broker recruitment. A brokerage equipped with new tech tools that improve business has the potential to attract younger agents, which is necessary for the ongoing survival of any CRE brokerage.

What feedback has Lee & Associates leadership received from local offices and individual Buildout users?

Tech-savvy and old-fashioned brokers alike enjoy using Buildout, no matter their skill level. All brokers appreciate the product’s ease of use and the ability to immediately generate offering memorandums, proposals and more.

The use of Buildout across Lee & Associates offices has spread almost exclusively by word of mouth, and continues to spread. For example, an agent in Lee’s Orange office credits winning a $4 million deal to Buildout, and this has been a major selling point for more brokers across offices.

What has been the Lee & Associates experience working with Buildout’s team?

Since meeting Buildout’s senior team two years ago, Lee & Associates’ leaders feel as though they’ve not only formed a partnership, but a friendship. Through everything, the Buildout team has listened to Lee’s struggles and what they hoped to accomplish as a firm. Instead of making a hard sell by telling them why they needed the product, Buildout asked what the Lee team needed to solve their day-to-day problems and how they could solve them together.

Lee & Associates recently updated its brand for the first time in 38 years, and Buildout’s marketing and design teams helped streamline the process in all 57 offices across the country. Now, Buildout has become a key part of the firm’s infrastructure, and the Lee & Associates team is exploring even more ways Buildout can be integrated into their existing processes.

Are you looking for a real partner for your brokerage? Contact Buildout to discuss what you need and how we can help you achieve it.

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