Better with Buildout

Streamline your CRE back-office function with Buildout

Brokerages of all sizes rely on their CRE back-office functions. But these necessary processes can be time-consuming and tedious.

With Buildout, your entire CRE back office is streamlined to run efficiently and effectively. 

Here are the benefits you stand to gain in using Buildout’s Back Office tool.

Streamlined transaction data management 

Easy and streamlined data entry is the key to keeping your transactions moving swiftly and your firm running smoothly. 

Buildout makes this possible by removing time-consuming manual data entry. 

Buildout takes all of your CRM data and automatically pulls it into your back-office function. Using Vouchers in Buildout's Back Office tool, everyone on your team can access the transaction data they need to finalize your deals. 

With one centralized location for your most valuable data, it’s easier than ever before to generate invoices, track receivables, and more. 

Instant, up-to-date access to broker tiers and commissions

After a listing is closed, everyone at your brokerage is eager to get paid. But with different tiers and plans for every broker, you need a system that allows these calculations to happen quickly and easily. 

Buildout automatically tracks broker tiers and calculates commissions throughout the year. 

And because these update in real-time based on the most recent closed deals, you always have the information you need to pay out broker commissions in a timely manner.

Simple invoice creation, tracking, and management

Finalize all payment transactions with less time and stress through better invoice creation and management.

With Buildout’s CRE back-office tool, your brokerage can create branded invoices with the click of a button and track sent invoices, incoming payments, and outstanding balances with the corresponding deals. 

And once checks are recorded in Quickbooks, you can simply mark them as paid in Buildout. This keeps everyone on the same page about where each deal is.

Accurate comp data 

Everyone at your brokerage benefits from accurate comp data. It ensures you’re pricing your client properties appropriately to the market. 

Buildout integrates your back office with your comps database in your brokerage CRM and marketing. This makes it easy to manage your comps, without ever having to manually re-enter property data.

Simply press a button and all of your data from your deal will be pushed over to your comps database for everyone at your brokerage to use.

How do I get started with Buildout’s CRE back-office tool? 

You can streamline your CRE back-office function to run more efficiently and effectively with Buildout. See how our tool can work for you. Get in touch today.

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