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Setting your brand standards with Buildout

No branding, no differentiation. No differentiation, no long-term profitability,” according to Forbes. How can your brokerage use branding to stand out from others in the CRE industry? The answer: brand standards—design rules that ensure the way your firm represents itself is consistent across marketing materials. These standards reinforce the differentiation between your brokerage and others, so you can be competitive and profitable.

The Buildout team is dedicated to growing and strengthening your brand. With our years of CRE marketing experience, we know what succeeds and what falls flat, and our team of designers has the skills and talent to apply that valuable expertise to your brand. We’ll help integrate your brand standards (such as your logo, fonts, colors, and layouts) into our platform. You can then utilize our standard documents, which have been compiled and designed using industry best practices for content layout and years of experience in CRE document design work, to create all your essential materials. We bring forth the best designs into your standard documents, but we can also customize from there as needed.

We know what succeeds and what falls flat, and our team of designers has the skills and talent to apply that valuable expertise to your brand.

What do we need from you?

Our designers will collaborate with your brokerage to bring your brand to life in Buildout. We just need a few things to get started: fonts, color values, cover documents and any other stylistic preferences you have for your brand.

Then, we’ll integrate these visual elements into all your marketing documents within Buildout, helping you maintain consistency with the brand you’ve built to this point, and in turn, continue to build brand equity.

What will we do for you?

Once you’ve shared your files and information with the Buildout team, we’ll begin applying your brand standards to five of your most essential document layouts within the platform: proposals, offering memorandums, flyers, brochures and owner’s reports. At the end of this process, you’ll receive dynamic blueprints for these documents that beautifully showcase your brokerage’s brand.

To start, we’ll apply your brand standards to our best-practice document layouts for all five documents. Our best-practice document layouts include maps, pricing information, and all other necessary features for marketing your listings. Once you have your branded documents, you’ll still be able to tailor them to any property-specific needs, such as altering the number of photos or the types of information displayed, as necessary. The benefit of using these best-practice layouts lies in having a targeted and fully functional set of materials that you can start using immediately, and the design choices reflect our years of experience working with hundreds of brokerages.

How does the customization process work?

If you have a custom need that goes beyond what we already offer with our best-in-class documents, we’ll move through a collaborative process to build the layouts that best represent your brand and your clients. You may have specific design elements in mind—such as banners, quotes or other personalized components—or perhaps you’d like to tailor the different layouts to reflect your brokerage’s unique needs, such as special documents like postcards and BOVs.

We’ll use all your design direction, along with your branding inputs, to craft individual drafts of each document. Then we’ll gather your feedback on the drafts during weekly calls, incorporate that feedback into our revisions and submit new drafts for further review. Once the layout of one document is approved, we’ll move on to the next one—until you have a custom set of materials that perfectly communicates your brand.

How do the finalized brand standards benefit your brokerage?

The visual consistency across documents will showcase your brand to every investor and building owner who comes in contact with your marketing materials, reinforcing your brokerage’s image and helping you close more deals.

The documents you receive at the end of the process enable your brokerage to quickly and easily create the materials you’ll need to win and market your listings.

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