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Resource series preview: Your brokerage’s biggest challenges, solved

No two brokerages are exactly the same. But through conversations with CRE professionals like you, we’ve come to learn that there are four common sticking points in growing firms. These challenges include integrating data systems, maintaining consistent branding, managing digital presence, and scaling processes.

So how do firms like yours tackle these challenges? That’s the question we sought to answer in our new series of in-depth resources:

Integrating data systems

One of the toughest obstacles firms face is integrating data across all of the tools and technologies they use every day.

Firms that utilize brokerage-wide property listing databases can efficiently distribute accurate information across all tools and materials.  This allows them to save time for more value-driven tasks.

Additionally, API integrations are crucial for ensuring tech compatibility and customizing all of the tools a firm uses for their own unique needs.

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Maintaining consistent branding

How do growing firms like yours maintain consistent branding across different brokers’ materials or even multiple offices? The answer is simpler than you might think.

Even as a firm onboards more brokers or opens new offices, they can ensure consistency in the materials their team creates by developing a style guide for brand language and imagery.  Then, a firm should implement tools and processes that help brokers and marketers all use those same brand guidelines.

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Managing digital presence

Every year, brokers who respond to our DNA of #CRE survey indicate that maximizing property exposure is the biggest challenge they face. By effectively managing digital presence and using a wide range of web platforms to promote properties, brokers can get their listings in front of enough people.

To get listings in front of all of the right people, we recommend sending more strategic emails to audiences and leveraging as many listing sites as possible. We find brokerage teams who do these things see the best results.

By following established brand guidelines all over the web—whether that’s on a firm’s page or its brokers’ personal pages—and highlighting their niche in thought leadership, a firm can further ensure a strong digital presence.

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Scaling processes

Are your current processes ready to scale with your firm’s growth? Simply doing things the way they’ve always been done won’t cut it.

With integrated tech, a brokerage team can ensure consistent data across all tools and materials, and maximize team efficiencies so brokers and marketers are spending their time where it’s most valuable.

Utilizing tools to streamline marketing can also enhance a firm’s professionalism,  proving to clients they can expect the same level of service from everyone on your team.

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If you have any questions about how Buildout can help solve these challenges at your firm, you can reach out to talk to our sales team now.

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