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How to make sure you never lose another listing proposal

A powerful proposal is your key to earning a new client, establishing a long-term business relationship, and (hopefully) generating plenty of lucrative referrals. But for a proposal to win a listing, it must be compelling, comprehensive, and visually appealing—not to mention you have to create and deliver your proposal before a competing broker swoops in and scores the deal.

It’s a lot of pressure, and nearly every broker in the commercial real estate world has a cautionary tale about losing an opportunity because their proposal didn’t make the cut.

Fortunately, by automating your proposal process, you can overcome this challenge and ensure you have everything you need to exceed prospects’ expectations and win every listing proposal from this moment forward.

Here’s how.

Smash bottlenecks in the pitch process

The pitch process is full of obstacles and hang-ups that slow down your momentum and jeopardize your chances of earning a listing. For example, busy marketing teams don’t always have the bandwidth to prepare proposal designs quickly enough. And even if you have access to design tools, it takes considerable time and effort to gather the comps, site plans, financials, demographics, and visuals and arrange these details into an aesthetically pleasing document.

But an automation solution removes these hurdles by generating professional proposals in just a few clicks. So long as you’ve added all of a property’s information into Buildout, you have everything you need to create proposals and marketing collateral in minutes. Simply click ‘New Document’ and ‘Sale Proposal,’ and Buildout will automatically generate a beautiful, branded proposal document. Then you can make any necessary edits, additions, or final tweaks before you present to your prospect.

Create more proposals in less time

In the commercial real estate world, as in most industries, time is money. The longer it takes to craft a captivating proposal, the fewer proposals you can create, and the less time you have to win new business, generate leads for current listings, or foster existing relationships. Conversely, the faster you can crank out high-quality listing proposals, the more time you’ll have for other deal-making and revenue-generating activities.

Plus, when you can generate a proposal in minutes, you can prepare several in the time it used to take to create one. More proposals mean more listings and clients won, which multiplies your commissions and keeps your pipeline full.

Use professionally branded templates

If you’ve ever rushed to complete a listing proposal with little lead time or hurried to throw something together so you could beat the competition, you probably learned a difficult lesson. Doing things faster typically means sacrificing quality—which dampens the impression you leave on prospects and undermines your success. 

That is unless you’re using automation with expertly designed templates.

Buildout Marketing enables you to quickly produce proposals using templates customized with your brokerage’s branding without compromising quality. In fact, your proposals may be even higher quality and more professional-looking than if you’d taken the time to build them from scratch. Not only will you be the first in line to deliver, but you’ll show up prepared with world-class assets.

Impress prospective clients with your marketing chops

The proposal phase is often your biggest opportunity to make a stellar impression on your prospective client, so it’s crucial you pull out all the stops. Automated proposals are a great way to make it look like you’ve gone the extra mile when, in reality, you’re spending less time and effort than your peers. (It’s the ultimate example of working smarter, not harder.)

Buildout allows you to not only auto-generate a visually appealing and comprehensive listing proposal at lightning speed, but you can also spin up a beautiful and engaging property website in seconds. This allows prospects to envision the selling process with you at the helm. By immediately turning around a detailed proposal and captivating website, you’re demonstrating the efficiency and care clients can expect when you’re promoting their property, working leads, negotiating with buyers, and closing the deal.

Check out this video to see Buildout in action:

Making an effort to prepare a winning proposal shouldn’t slow you down or prevent you from earning new business. And thanks to today’s cutting-edge commercial real estate tech, it doesn’t have to cause headaches or consume hours of your time either. With Buildout, you can automatically generate proposals that wow your prospects—along with branded websites, OMs, brochures, and flyers—with the click of a button.

By leveraging automation, you can earn hours back in your day while impressing prospective clients, growing your business, and significantly boosting your earning potential.

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