Better with Buildout

It’s your data, and you can keep it that way

Brokers and brokerages need a contact and property database to manage their business, build relationships, and keep up with the ever-changing CRE landscape. And they need their data to be safe and secure.

With Buildout, your most sensitive data stays private, even as you share listing data with your team. And even though it’s connected to your brokerage’s back office, you can choose to take it with you throughout your career.

Protecting your data

Managing brokers need their entire brokerage’s database in one place so they can manage their business. But brokers have worked hard to cultivate relationships for their own brands. They want to know that someone else can’t access the work they’ve put in.

We built our database with your team’s needs in mind. Brokers can buy their own private database—separate from the company’s—to catalog their property data and contact information.

When brokers need to share information for comps, marketing, or accounting, they can toggle back to the company database. Privacy settings allow them to share basic information without risking their hard-earned relationships and contact information. Not only does this keep your brokers happy, it keeps your business moving.

You can take it with you, too

Not only do you want to keep your hard-earned data safe and secure, but you also want to keep it—no matter where your career takes you. Buildout makes that possible.

If you choose to add on a private broker database, it doesn’t belong to the brokerage—it belongs to you. You can access it at any Buildout CRM-enabled brokerage throughout your career. 

Buildout can keep your data safe, keep your brokers happy, and keep your business running smoothly. If you’re ready to take your brokerage to the next level, reach out to our team to learn more.

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