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Enjoy more flexibility and control with the new Buildout Website Editor

In the commercial real estate industry, timing is everything. The moment you earn a new listing, you’re in a mad dash to get accurate property details and enticing visuals in front of potential buyers before they pursue another opportunity. But, to outpace your competition, you also need to quickly create a polished, professional, and easy-to-navigate property website without placing extra demands on your already overburdened team.

Fortunately, the new Buildout Website Editor helps you accomplish all of the above — and more.

Rapidly build beautiful listing websites

A captivating, aesthetically pleasing property website is essential for generating leads in today’s hyper-competitive and digital-first market. But building a website from scratch usually takes considerable time and energy.

The new Website Editor gives you the functionality of a custom website without requiring coding knowledge or design work. Our user-friendly editing tool makes it easy to update details like pricing and descriptions, add or remove components (like text, tables, and media), change the order of information, and more.

Enjoy more flexibility and control

While website templates can help you build sites faster, they sometimes limit what you can display. For example, while it may be vital to highlight square footage or property type for some listings, these details may be irrelevant to other listings. Additionally, while some listings may only need space for one price, a property with multiple units may need space for different lease price formats or rent structures, or you may want to change the primary photo for each unit.

Unlike less dynamic templates, the Buildout Website Editor gives you complete control over what you display and allows you to re-order information so it resonates with the most qualified buyers for each listing.

Tailor the experience to your client’s goals

A great property website solution will ensure you can tweak listings depending on your goals. For example, if you have an especially photogenic property, you’ll want to highlight multiple photos and videos. Or, if your client wants to keep a listing price confidential or is open to negotiations, you may want to add those details to the pricing section.

Buildout’s Website Editor helps you create an experience that meets your client’s goals, satisfies your target audience’s expectations, and guides potential leads to take whatever desired action you choose. Whether you want prospective buyers to download a brochure, take a virtual tour, view only pertinent information, or all of the above, you can craft a website that supports that path.

Ready to create property websites that drive fast results? 

If you already have a Buildout subscription, you can begin using our Website Editor now at no additional charge. Simply log in, select a listing, navigate to the website tab, and click “edit site.”

Not a Buildout customer? Contact us to set up a demo with our sales team and discover what our solution can do for your brokerage.

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