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Why energy efficient investments will be huge for CRE success

As energy costs rise, businesses will need to make energy efficient investments in technology that keep the costs of maintaining and running an office under control.

What CRE investors, buyers and tenants will be seeking

Green technology is getting smarter and becoming more integrated with our businesses. In turn, buyers, investors and tenants will be looking to make energy efficient investments in a few areas:

Solar capabilities
Most notably, Tesla is developing solar shingles that are far more aesthetically appealing than a typical solar panel. And according to Elon Musk, pricing is also less expensive than standard building materials. While these are currently being developed for residential properties, similar options will likely become the new standard for commercial buildings as well.

The most cost-effective buildings will be those that generate all of the energy they use “in-house.” In fact, if these buildings generate more energy than tenants need, owners will even be able to sell that energy to non self-sufficient buildings, further contributing to a return on investment in self-sufficient energy technology.

Intuitive systems
With new technological developments, energy waste will become a thing of the past. Through sensors, smart building technology will optimize energy use based on how people actually need HVAC systems and light, and buyers and investors will be looking heavily toward buildings with these capabilities.

What a client focus on energy efficient investments means for CRE professionals

Tech enabled buildings and developments will become more important to some buyers as energy efficient materials and new technologies become prevalent.

To market these energy efficient properties, emphasize the cost savings of energy efficient investments, and furthermore, the ROI of this technology for investors and tenants. If a buyer or investor is going to be willing to spend more money for advanced technology, they’ll need to know why and how they can get that positive ROI.

And for listings that aren’t already optimized for energy efficiency, note whether they can be in the near future.

The future is green. As a trusted advisor, be prepared to handle buyer and investor expectations as regulations and technologies change how we inhabit buildings and they use energy.

To learn more about how smart building technology will affect office buildings in more ways than just energy efficiency, check out our blog: “Smart building technology: is your brokerage ready to sell smart offices?

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