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How to get the most out of Buildout’s Docs feature part 2: Add value to docs

In part one of this two-part blog series, we talked about best practices for training your brokers on using Buildout’s Docs feature. Now, we’ll pivot to taking advantage of specific features and resources that will add more value to each document you create.

Here’s how you can take your Docs to the next level using Buildout’s features and support:

Showcase marketing samples in your proposals

Once a property’s information has been added to the Buildout property editor in preparation for a new business pitch, brokers can easily create a proposal. In this proposal, Buildout can automatically generate and include samples of a property marketing package including a sample email, brochure, OM, website specifically for the listing. Many of our customers use this capability to show property owners the types of marketing materials they’ll create to promote the property.

Highlight multiple retailer maps

To showcase all of the different types of properties near a listing, customers often feature two or three retailer maps in their documents instead of just one. For example, they can highlight surrounding restaurants in one map and surrounding stores in another. The ability to quickly generate these retailer maps in Buildout allows brokers and marketers to add extra value to their OMs and other marketing materials.

Leverage Buildout’s support team

If you or any of the brokers or marketers on your team have questions about using Docs, Buildout support is there to help. For example, Buildout customer Ashleen Blaetter, marketing coordinator for NAI Northern California, struggled with incorporating portrait style photos brokers provided in landscape orientation proposals, so she worked with the Buildout team to make the portrait-style photos work for her designs.

Buildout is committed to making your brokerage successful, and we’re always updating features to make your experience using Buildout even better. If you want to learn more about the Docs feature and best practices, contact our support team, or access the Buildout Help Center from the app.

If you think our Docs feature sounds like just what your firm needs to take your marketing to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team to learn more.

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