Brokerage best practices

Signs your database may be falling short

Your database should do more than store property and contact information. If it doesn’t help you build stronger relationships, collaborate with your team, and get insights into your business, it’s probably not the right database for you.

Is your database falling short? Here’s how you know:

It doesn't help you build stronger relationships with your network.

Does your database let you tag contacts with all relevant properties, group records by categories, quickly build call lists, log activities, and set yourself tasks for reminders and follow-ups? Can you quickly access all information from anywhere in your database?

Because relationships are the most important part of a broker’s business, a database should be a tool to help them organize and maintain those relationships. With easily accessible notes about personal details like birthdays, kids’ names, and more, you can impress your contacts and deliver on your relationships during every call or meeting.

It doesn't integrate directly with all of your brokerage team's tools.

Can you send your deal data directly to your team for property marketing and back-office tasks? If your database doesn’t connect directly to those teams’ tools, your database is likely falling short of what you need.

With full brokerage and database integration, everyone on your team saves time and works faster. Plus, your marketing leads and property comps can be sent directly to your database.

It doesn't give you valuable insights into your business.

Does your database help you make smart business decisions? With a database that lets you see where each of your deals are in your pipeline all at once, you can decide whether you should spend your time creating more proposals or closing your current opportunities. 

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