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Create flyers and brochures to better market your listing

You rely on flyers and brochures to promote your listings. These materials hold all the most important details prospective buyers or tenants need to gauge interest: property summaries, maps, nearby points of interest, area demographic information, property photos and more.

Every year, our users create 100,000 flyers and brochures in Buildout, and the processes for creating these materials is automated. Here are a few ways Buildout makes it easy to create and share marketing materials that promote your listings and, ultimately, help you close deals.

Establish your brand

When all of your brokerage’s marketing materials, including flyers and brochures, are beautifully crafted and brand consistent, you’ll stand out among your competition and put your listings in the best possible light for potential buyers.

Our team of designers helps your brokerage create or update your brand blueprints when you onboard with Buildout. Your exact branding, right down to the degree of angles in your design elements, can be replicated in Buildout and incorporated into all of your marketing pieces automatically.

Instantly create flyers and brochures and save significant time

Buildout houses all of your property listing information in one centralized database, allowing you to automatically generate flyers and brochures complete with your listing’s most important information. You can then make any necessary edits to the content, rearrange or swap out photos and add or remove information to make the flyer more relevant to your potential buyers.
When you’re able to create your materials faster and market your listings more efficiently, you’ll gain the competitive advantage you need to close more deals. And with the time you save, your team can delegate more of its efforts to cutting-edge marketing tactics, like videos and 3D tours, as well as big-picture strategies that foster brokerage growth.

Easily share flyers and brochures

Buildout makes it easy for you to promote the flyers and brochures you create with the software. You can instantly create property websites that house your flyers and brochures alongside all of your property’s most important information, such as photos, interactive maps and broker contact details. You can also use Buildout to create and send property emails that include these materials and maximize their exposure. And because each document has an individual link, you can easily share digital versions of your flyers and brochures in seconds. This can be especially useful when you want to share a document internally at your brokerage.

The brochure and flyer creation process

To create a flyer or brochure in Buildout, from the “Properties” tab, simply click on the listing for which you’d like to generate a piece. Next, click “New Document” on the left side of your screen, and from the pop-up, choose the type of document you’d like to create. You can also select the type of document from the drop-down menu beneath “New Document.”

Creating document in Buildout
Once you click "New Document," select the type of document you'd like to create.

You can create a lease flyer or a sale flyer, depending on the type of property you’d like to promote. Once you select the type of document, your flyer will render instantly.

After your flyer or brochure has been created, click anywhere in the document to edit, rearrange or add additional content. You can also select from different layout options for each individual page of your flyer or brochure. Each page layout features different aspects of your property, from maps, to photos, to statistics. To change the layout, hover your cursor over the page and from the blue bar that appears above it, select one of the layout options within the drop-down.

Editing document in Buildout
You can edit, rearrange or add any additional content to the piece once it’s been created automatically.

When you’re satisfied with the finished product, click “DONE EDITING” in the top right corner and share your flyer with your network. You can now add your new flyer into your vault on your property website, get it in front of your network using in a listing email or copy its individual sharing link to share it more privately.

To learn more about how Buildout helps your brokers before you even begin to market a listing with brochures and flyers, read our blog: “Create proposals that win listings.”

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