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CRE marketing best practices: part three

To wrap up our CRE marketing best practices series, we’re taking a look at how you can integrate innovative marketing tactics at your brokerage. As in any other industry, early adopters of the latest technology establish an advantage over their competition. Tools like drone videography, 3D tours and virtual reality will put you ahead of the curve in 2017.

Carefully consider your options before investing in a new tactic or technology for your brokerage. Every tool you choose to use will cost your firm both time and money. Do all you can to determine what kind of ROI you’ll receive before making a decision.

Drone videography

Most people in CRE know that high-quality videos generate more engagement than just about any other digital marketing tool. In fact, listings with videos can generate up to 400 percent more inquiries. But soon, straightforward property videos won’t be enough to differentiate your listings.

As you consider ways to keep your videos dynamic and unique, drone photography and videography should be at the top of your list. With drone footage, prospective buyers get a unique perspective on your property that is almost as engaging as an in-person visit. But if you’re ready to try out drone videography, be aware that it’s highly regulated. Consider hiring a drone videographer before you get started.  

3D tours and virtual reality

Providing your potential tenants and investors with a 2D floor plan just isn’t enough anymore––new technology has raised the standard. With tools like Matterport, you can create an interactive, 360-degree view of a property or even a “dollhouse view” to explore an entire floor plan in a more realistic way.

Virtual reality tours take this approach a step further. With a VR headset, a buyer can have an immersive experience that brings them inside a property before they actually set foot in it. This can save prospective buyers significant time traveling to properties and open up your market to other geographic areas.

For more insights on the future of CRE marketing and innovation, check out our blog highlighting our CEO, Vishu’s best insights on the “Disruption is not a dirty word” panel at the NAR Conference & Expo.

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