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Why integration is crucial for a successful database

Your brokerage’s database should be a necessary tool at the heart of everything your team works on. But if a database isn’t integrated with other tools, like marketing and back-office platforms, it’s not as powerful as it can be.

Here’s why integration is crucial for your brokerage’s database to be as successful as possible:

Your team can get listings to market faster

When their database is integrated with marketing tools, a broker can immediately share necessary data with their team as soon as they win a listing. 

With this direct connection, marketers can quickly create all documents and digital materials with the right information, using your brokerage’s brand standards. This gets listings on-market faster, helping you cut down the turnaround time from proposal to close.

You can access and save marketing leads

Database and marketing platform integration doesn’t just mean property data can be sent to the marketing team. The marketing team can also seamlessly share lead data with brokers so they can add or update a contact in their database.

This helps brokers immediately identify the best opportunities for a sale and spend their time pursuing only the right buyers.

Your team has better access to property comps

When a listing is closed and payments are finalized, the data collected from the sale remains important. With integration between your brokerage’s back-office platform and database, you can save comp data to use moving forward.

When all of these tools are built on one platform, there is a seamless working experience through the entire deal cycle. And that means everyone at a brokerage’s time is well spent. Learn more about full database integration by reading our newest white paper, “The Anti-CRM: How CRE databases can—and should—be better,” and find out why Buildout offers a better database for CRE professionals.

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