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The benefits of integrating retail property site plans with your listing database

When buyers and prospective clients visit your brokerage’s website, they expect to see available listings with updated information. They want to know a space’s availability, its lease price, its square footage and who surrounding tenants are. With Buildout’s Site Plans feature, they can interact with each individual listing to find this information immediately. And, with Buildout, site plans don’t require hours of manual updating by your team.

Here are the benefits your brokerage will see using Buildout’s Site Plans feature:

Engaging, interactive digital marketing materials

With Buildout’s Site Plans feature, you can transform static, one-dimensional PDFs into interactive site plans that buyers and prospective clients can engage with. The more additions you make to these interactive plans with information about the property, nearby tenant logos and other data, the more likely your website visitors will stay on your page and engage with your properties. If prospective buyers are spending more time engaging with and considering your properties, they’re less likely to navigate away from your site to a competitor’s.

Ensured accuracy across platforms

With this tool, you never have to worry about prospective tenants looking at the wrong site plan or outdated information. Every time one of your brokers adds or makes a change to a property, that change is automatically updated across your property websites, brochures, emails and other marketing materials. This ensures buyers and prospective clients are always viewing the most up-to-date information about a property, and are immediately aware when a space becomes unavailable.

Saved time updating information

With Buildout’s retail property site plans, you can cut back on hours of time spent manually updating PDFs. If one of your properties has a change in price you just have to edit the property information in Buildout’s property form, and it will automatically update on your site plan. The time you previously spent manually updating PDFs can instead be used for bigger priorities like higher-level marketing tasks, meeting with clients and securing more deals.

If you’re interested in learning more about Buildout’s Site Plans feature or any of our other features that benefit your brokerage, contact us.

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