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What Amazon’s acquisitions of smart technology mean for the future of CRE

As we called out in our latest tech news roundup post, Amazon recently announced it was buying the mesh WiFi router company eero.

This new acquisition follows Amazon’s buyouts of smart doorbell maker Ring in 2018 and smart security camera company (and Nest rival) Blink in 2017.

What’s happening?

By buying each of these systems, Amazon is showing its dedication to building a completely connected, smart home experience.

  • eero uses multiple access points to “blanket an entire home or apartment with a strong Wi-Fi signal.”
  • Ring video doorbells and Blink security cameras can connect with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, and their acquisitions are tied to Amazon Key in-home delivery.

When combined with its ventures into the brick-and-mortar retail world through its own stores and Whole Foods, along with its new HQ2 development, Amazon’s wide array of smart tech connections means big things for the CRE industry, particularly multifamily and office spaces.

What does it mean for multifamily and office CRE?

Even though today, most people think about smart home devices for their use in single-family homes, these systems will likely soon be mainstays in commercial properties as well. Multifamily, office, and retail tenants will expect to have smart tech available in the properties they want to lease.

It should also go without saying that Amazon will use the most cutting-edge smart technology in its upcoming HQ2, wherever that may be. Amazon will have a chance to learn from Apple’s mistakes and create an office campus that is truly future-ready, and will likely influence all other office environments for years to come.

What do you think Amazon’s expansion of smart technology offerings means for the CRE industry? Let us know by sharing your thoughts and tagging us @buildout on Twitter.

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