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The future is here: 2020 DNA of #CRE now open

The new decade is here—so is the new DNA of #CRE.

For the 5th anniversary, Buildout and theBrokerList rebuilt the DNA of #CRE survey from the ground up using your feedback on what you want to know about the industry. 

Now, we need your help to gather this crucial industry-specific data. Here’s what you can expect from the 2020 DNA of #CRE survey.

The future

The 2020 DNA of #CRE will look at what we can expect from the industry in the year ahead. 

We want to know what you’re prioritizing so that we can help predict 2020. In addition to how you do your job every day, we are looking to understand things like the CRE economic outlook and what property type will sell the most.

Best practices

There are two editions of the 2020 DNA of #CRE: the broker edition and the marketer edition. Each will provide the most important benchmarks for brokerage success. 

We’re asking how the best in the industry

  • Manages data
  • Tackles the deal cycle
  • Promotes the listings
  • Works across teams in the brokerage

With your insights, we can establish best practices for the year ahead and elevate the entire industry.


We’re partnering with industry sponsors to spread the word and make this the biggest year for the DNA of #CRE so far.

To celebrate, our partners have also helped us offer a prize raffle throughout the survey. We’ll be giving out prizes to survey respondents as the DNA of #CRE hits milestones: 50 responses, 100 responses, 150 responses—you get the picture.

As always, we value your privacy and will only publish and share data anonymously.

Take the survey now. When the complete data is released, you’ll be one of the first to receive this exclusive report.

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