Here’s why brokers are on board with WCRE’s mandatory policy to use Rethink CRM

Expanding into new commercial real estate markets offers enormous potential as well as challenges—it takes hard work and time to target new tenants, build a broad client base and manage expansion activities while maintaining existing deals.

WCRE is a full-service brokerage in southern New Jersey that recently opened an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and found technology has been key to empowering brokers to grow pipelines and nurture new deals.

“The life of a broker is pretty hectic, so it’s important that they have the right tools to track everything and finish a deal easily,” said Luke Majewski, sales team coordinator at WCRE. “Rethink provides easy access for our brokers to have all the information they need for their clients. It helps streamline the process of tracking deals, getting deals done, monitoring where the process is, and what needs to be done next so you’re not scrambling to figure it out.”

Rethink CRM is Buildout’s client relationship management platform purpose-built for commercial real estate. All eleven brokers at WCRE use Rethink CRM to manage client relationships, listings, properties, deals, and commissions.

“It’s a mandatory company policy now to have information in Rethink,” Majewski said. He explained this is for the benefit of both brokers and partners.

“Providing our brokers with a way to keep track of everything is really critical to their success and has helped them on a day-to-day operational level—managing their deals and doing what needs to be done with their clients,” Majewski said. “Rethink is an awesome solution because it really helps brokers stay on the path to success.”

Rethink CRM also provides a centralized view of pipeline to company leadership, so they can get a big-picture view or drill down for more detailed information—including what stage deals are in, potential revenue and other key metrics.

“Having all that data available right here and being able to pull it up so fast really helped streamline the whole process. Before we did everything in Excel spreadsheets, which was labor-intensive to manage and not as quick for presenting progress data.”

Brokers appreciate the solution’s features designed for their busy on-the-go lifestyles, such as the mobile-friendly capabilities, but like the unique CRE features best.

“Our brokers don’t think it’s a pain because of how much they get out of it,” Majewski said. “It helps them keep track of everything: their incomes, where they are with each respective client—the digital pipeline feature has been very useful in that regard. All the things they care about most are at their fingertips.”


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