How a national US bank increased approved applications by 4% with Buildout Insights

A national US bank increased approved applications by nearly 4% since implementing Buildout Insights (54% to 57.5%).

Access to accurate property and ownership data can profoundly impact your organization’s ability to find and win new clients. But what does that look like in action?

To learn more, we sat down with the sales and strategy leader at a large US banking and financial services institution, who has been using Buildout Insights for four years. Here’s what she had to say:

Speaking on their experience with the Buildout Insights team…

“Our Buildout Insights account representative is hands down the best. I am so grateful that she's my partner. Because if I can't figure something out, I can text her, and she'll quickly reply to me. If I need to be reset or something's wrong with my login, the Buildout Insights team is super responsive. If I have questions about the reporting, I always get a same-day response. They are fantastic.”

“I’ve worked with lots of vendors in my ten years in this role, and very few are as good as Buildout Insights has been, so I'm very thankful. When you have a banker who's frustrated and can't figure something out, my rep will respond and offer to chat right then, or schedule a meeting for the next morning—she's super responsive. And that's really important to our bankers because they want to be heard. And it’s important to me because, ultimately, it will fall on me if they aren’t heard.”

Speaking on how they obtained property data before Buildout Insights…

“Buildout Insights gives us everything in one place, and that’s great because every state is different. I'm from Florida, so I’d have to go to Sunbiz [a State of Florida website] to gather data. And then I’d have to go to the Secretary of State website to pull mortgage information. And then I’d have to go back to Sunbiz to pull business license information. But Buildout Insights aggregates everything into one place.”

The bankers also shared their feedback after using Buildout Insights.

Speaking on the quality and accuracy of Buildout Insights property data…

“It gives me historical and updated information on the address for the building in question, including ownership and banking information. I’ve validated that information with a client at the bank, and it's very accurate. And having images of the property saves us time and prevents us from having to drive or obtain pictures from an outside source.”

Speaking on the prospecting power of Buildout Insights…

“When prospecting, I like that I can look up an entire zip code and filter it for businesses in the $1 million to $5 million segments, and I can save those searches and return to them later. I also like that I can know if they have a mortgage and the interest rate on their mortgage. It’s already helped me close one loan, and I'm getting ready to add two more once I receive the documents.”

Speaking on the true ownership data Buildout Insights provides…

“I love the ability to get transparency on different property owners within my book, and easily gather any information that could be helpful.”

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