success story

success story

Hurd Realty sees uptick in business as a result of using Buildout

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Increased email open rates

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The goals

  • Find an efficient solution to create marketing materials
  • Develop maps for retail properties more quickly
  • Find a website plug-in that was well designed and user friendly

The approach

  • Onboard Buildout as a user-friendly, cloud-based solution to develop presentations, flyers, maps and more

The results

  • A 20% increased response rate from e-blasts created in Buildout
  • Save time creating retail maps with Buildout’s maps feature
  • Gained ability to edit presentations and other materials from anywhere at any time
  • Won more business and closed deals faster than ever before

Richie Hurd is a vice president of Hurd Realty, an Iowa-based commercial real estate development and investment firm with a heavy focus in the retail market. The firm owns and manages more than 120 properties in 15 cities across the Midwest and Southwest of the United States.

And since they started using Buildout, their marketing materials have never looked better in their 35+ years of operation.

The opportunity

Because the marketing team at Hurd Realty had been using a leading design software to create their flyers, presentations and other marketing materials, the process for making edits was cumbersome and extremely time consuming. It was difficult to even complete a seemingly simple task like changing a flyer’s orientation from landscape to portrait mode. Plus, marketers were forced to repeatedly copy and paste property information and neighboring retail logos into materials. When a newly-hired marketing associate raised the point that the existing processes weren’t as efficient and user-friendly as they could be, the search began for a new solution. That’s when the Hurd Realty team discovered Buildout.

Even though Hurd was initially apprehensive to bring on a new platform to develop the firm’s marketing materials, his outlook changed after seeing the power of Buildout in a successful product demo. During the onboarding process, Buildout’s designers worked closely with the Hurd Realty team to make sure the product and marketing materials created with it met all of the team’s needs and wants.

The Hurd Realty team has been using Buildout since 2016 and have seen tangible benefits.

Buildout allows the Hurd Realty team to create quality marketing materials that impress prospective tenants and bring results

Hurd Realty has seen an uptick in business from developers since onboarding with Buildout, and the firm’s email marketing response rate is higher than ever. This improved visibility and effectiveness of proposals and marketing materials has helped the firm attract more tenants to their developments and close more investment transactions. And because materials don’t take as long to develop, available properties can be on the market in a matter of hours instead of days.

If Hurd travels across the country for a client pitch, he can easily make any changes to his presentation from his hotel or anywhere else on the go. And in the office, marketers and brokers can easily collaborate on a property’s documents. There’s no need to save and re-download files or to use an unwieldy design program because everyone on Hurd’s team has access to Buildout’s cloud-based platform anytime, anywhere.

And most importantly, the team at Hurd Realty can now quickly and easily create maps for every single one of their properties and highlight points of interest surrounding each building. Then, those maps automatically populate and update across all flyers, websites and other materials any time there is a change. Hurd is also particularly excited about one of Buildout’s newest features –– Site Plans –– and plans to use this tool to even more effectively promote his retail properties.

If you’re interested in learning more about developing high-quality, custom marketing materials and presentations with detailed maps and site plans for your properties, contact our team to receive additional information about our cutting-edge features, or schedule a Buildout demo.

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