eXp Commercial reveals how they grew by 248% in only 10 months

eXp Commercial—a branch of eXp World Holdings, Inc.—has grown rapidly since launching in February 2021.

“We’re at a 248% growth rate,” said Stephanie Gilezan, Director of Operations at eXp Commercial. “We’re scaling quickly and changing the way commercial real estate looks.”

How have they grown so quickly? According to Stephanie, the secret to their success is their focus on broker enablement.

“We’re all about helping agents and brokers scale exponentially, while keeping more money in their pockets,” she explained.

And that starts with providing the tools and resources brokers need to do their best work.

“I’ve looked at 300-plus products, and I continue to evaluate what’s available,” Stephanie said. “This industry is always changing, and it’s our goal to stay ahead.”

As she evaluated technology that could support brokers’ success, Buildout quickly stood out.

“One of the biggest reasons we chose Buildout is because we want to work with companies like ours, companies that are agile,” Stephanie said. “So many other products out there are lagging and clunky. Buildout was the most forward-looking solution and matched what I wanted for our agents and brokers.”

Now, Buildout’s marketing and client relationship management (CRM) platforms help Stephanie and her team support their brokers as the company explodes in growth.

Consistent, professional marketing

With Buildout Marketing, eXp Commercial’s brokers quickly and easily create eye-catching, custom-branded marketing collateral.

“Our agents can click a few buttons and have collateral that’s more beautiful than something put together in Photoshop or Publisher,” Stephanie said. “They don’t need to have a marketing background. Buildout just does it for them. It’s doing the heavy lifting and giving them that professional look.”

According to Stephanie, that ease of use was critical.

“I wanted to try it myself, and I didn’t want any training,” Stephanie said. “The fact that I did that without any problem… that’s how I knew we had a good product.”

Stephanie went on to tout the flexibility offered in Buildout’s marketing templates.

“We have lots of variation to choose from,” she said. “Our agents love it, and they’ve never looked better.”

And because Buildout empowers brokers to create their own collateral, eXp Commercial’s marketing team is free to direct their attention to more impactful work.

“They’re focused on brand awareness, on getting our name out there,” Stephanie explained. “They’re making sure we’re building awareness with brokers and agents, as well as clients and prospects.”

eXp Commercial branding

Simplified listings management

Buildout also simplifies eXp Commercial’s listings process with features that allow them to easily

  • Add listings to their website
  • Create individual property websites
  • And syndicate listings to local and national third-party marketplaces

“My administrative assistant probably kissed me on the cheek the day she didn’t have to manually upload one listing in 14 different spots,” Stephanie said. “Now, she has more time in her day to focus on other work. She can focus on digital exposure, driving it through the database of who we think might be the purchaser of that property. When you get as many hours back as Buildout gives you, you can get so much more done.”

The time-savings Buildout delivers also reduces the stress that often comes with winning big deals, allowing Stephanie and her team to enjoy their hard-fought victories.

“Now, when a brand-new listing comes in on let’s say a $50 million deal, we celebrate it,” Stephanie said. “We’re not worried about all that administrative work. Buildout allows us to get it up and syndicated.”

Delivering a strong return on investment

Stephanie also touts Buildout’s strong return on investment—due in large part to operational cost-savings. 

“Buildout is a money-saver,” she said, adding that the money Buildout saves empowers eXp Commercial to offer their brokers an enticing commission split. “We’re at an 80/20 split with a $20k cap, and that resets every year. Without that cost-savings, we couldn’t do that.”

Overall, Stephanie feels confident she’s got the right platform to give eXp Commercial a strategic advantage over the competition.

“The marketing capabilities of Buildout just blows anything else out there away,” she said.


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