Clemons Real Estate improves efficiencies and doubles the size of their team with Buildout

Audrey Navarro is a managing partner in charge of overseeing the brokerage department at Clemons Real Estate, a full-service brokerage firm that works with landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers in the Kansas City market. 

Originally started as a small organization, the brokerage has grown to over 57 team members with 13 licensed brokers across development and brokerage teams.

With the help of Buildout’s full suite of products to improve staff training and turnaround time on marketing, forecasting, and measuring KPIs, Clemons Real Estate almost doubled the number of licensed brokers in 2020 from 7 to 13 which ultimately sets them apart from their peers in the marketplace. 

When Audrey’s team onboarded Buildout Marketing, it really streamlined their efforts and made processes more efficient. They were able to track how quickly team members were getting their materials finalized and isolate any gaps to determine where the breakdown was.

Not only did Buildout offer immense support to the Clemson Real Estate brokerage team, but when they requested features or gave feedback on the software, they saw real changes—so it was easy for them to get on board with Buildout’s full suite of products.

Unlike other industries where sales professionals typically track contacts in their CRM, CRE brokerages have to track contacts and properties. And having a relation between those two categories of information is invaluable.

The limitation their prior CRM had was that it wasn’t customized for CRE. It didn’t have any place to house property data, which restricted the approach of sharing all data in an open system and connecting contact information to the property-level data. 

Audrey saw a breakdown in their processes because of it. They needed a way to not just store and access the data for the entire deal cycle, but to measure how the team members were using it.

The answer was upgrading to Buildout’s full suite of brokerage tools—Deal Management, CRM + Database, and Back Office.

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Managing growth with tech

Clemons Real Estate plans to onboard 3 to 5 brokers per year, but time is limited. Buildout’s full suite of products allows them to set processes and ways of working within their system, then measure data from the entire deal to establish and track KPIs.

“One of the really valuable components within Buildout is the checklists feature in Deal Management. When you’re onboarding new team members, it’s a built-in training system. As they move transactions through the pipeline, a checklist is deployed, and we can measure their performance.”

Leveraging these built-in features has greatly reduced the need for one-on-one training with new hires and time spent on recruiting and retention, because Clemons Real Estate can now measure everyone’s KPIs and help them grow quicker. 

“It’s allowed us to grow our team by 50% more capacity than we typically could in a non-streamlined environment,” Audrey said.

Thanks to Buildout’s seamless all-in-one software, Clemons Real Estate doubled the size of their team last year and they now have an effective way to manage KPIs for team members on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Efficiency from a centralized toolset

Before onboarding Buildout’s full suite of tools, there wasn’t a way to manage and connect data all the way from marketing through the transaction management part of the process in one place. This led to admins and brokers wasting too much time putting the different pieces of the puzzle together.

With the Buildout upgrade, the connected tools made it easier to access and measure data—which led to increasing pipeline projections, faster turnaround time, and rapid team growth.

“We’ve probably increased our efficiency just in the pipeline projections category by 75%. And the same thing with marketing. We used to have a 10-step process for activating a new listing. Buildout reduced that process down to 2 or 3 steps. It makes each agent more efficient in the start-to-finish, overall process.”

The time saving value of the all-in-one platform continues to prove itself. Team leaders are managing twice the volume, the brokerage and accounting departments are communicating more efficiently, and data is being measured and analyzed instantaneously across teams.

As Audrey puts it: “We don’t sell real estate, we sell our time and information. The easier it is to access that information and share it across our team, the better we are at our jobs.”

And at the end of the day, it’s efficiencies that drive revenue.


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