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Seamlessly manage every step of the deal cycle and delegate tasks to your team with Buildout’s Premium Marketing.

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Streamlined brokerage operations

Get everyone on the same page as soon as you secure a listing. With a comprehensive dashboard for the entire deal process connected to pipeline tracking—your team always has what’s needed to push deals forward.

Track your entire pipeline

See where each listing is in the deal cycle, how many leads are in the pipeline, and expected gross commission splits. 

Improve team efficiency 

Keep your team organized, connected, and on task with a project management system built directly into the software.

Project revenue

Accurately forecast brokerage revenue for the month, quarter, or year with a high-level view of every deal your team has in motion.

Premium Marketing's features

Premium Marketing's features

Project Management

Ensure every property gets the attention it deserves. Track and add new leads, get website activity and inquiries on listings, and add tasks for every member of your team working the deal.

Client Reports

Turn your process into product with integrated marketing, project, and lead activity. Create dynamic reports connected to live marketing metrics and activity to offer easy transparency into your process for your clients.

Task Management & Checklists

Delegate tasks across collaborators and save time with customizable templates for each deal stage. Streamline your process with prebuilt checklists and assigned to-dos for material creation, meeting reminders and more—accessible to everyone in brokerage.


Get a holistic view of how your brokerage is performing. See how deals are flowing through the funnel from proposal to close, configure likeliness to close, and assess how your brokers are doing in comparison to each other. 

It’s time to elevate your marketing & brokerage operations.

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